Part-time weekend jobs – Top 14 in 2021


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Are you looking for part-time weekend jobs near you? In fact, millions of Americans want to make a little extra money by working on the weekends. They may need to top up their income and keep themselves busy on weekends, among other things. Or maybe it’s a student who needs to make a little extra cash to be able to pay student loans. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs to do on the weekend.

What to Know About Finding Part-Time Weekend Jobs

Weekend jobs are available for people who need to earn some part-time income on the side. In addition, the rise of work from home options, remote working and freelance appearances have created a wide range of opportunities for people who want to focus on their work on the weekend.

However, these opportunities require a variety of levels of education and qualification. For example, many of these weekend jobs have unqualified requirements. And others require special training. Whether you’re looking for weekend vacancies, there is definitely something on this list for you.

Let’s start!

14. Freelance writer / editor

If you are a freelance writer or editor, you can work part time and make money. As a freelance writer, you can create content for websites, compose written materials such as business reports, direct marketing articles, and articles.

A freelance editor also proofreads, corrects grammar, and changes the copy, which improves readability. The best thing about these jobs is that in many cases the work can be done on the weekends.

Freelance writers can make more than $ 1 per word and more if they have specialized training (e.g., RNs, MDs, lawyers, etc.). In addition, editors can earn up to $ 45 an hour. However, the potential for earnings depends on skills, deadline, and the nature of your job.

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13. Web Designer

Most companies would like to present the products and services that they offer to the public via the Internet. Web designers create web pages by creating and publishing content. And they incorporate videos and graphics into websites.

To be hired as a web designer, knowledge of web authoring tools, writing, and other technical skills are required. Some freelance designers will work with graphic designers and writers to complete their projects.

As a part-time web designer, most jobs can be done over the weekend. After all, web designers can regularly expect to make more than $ 35 an hour.

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12. Graphic designer

Graphic designers play a vital role in creating visual aspects of brochures, websites, logos, advertisements, packaging, presentations and reports. In addition, graphic designers translate customer ideas into visual design. Designers must have aesthetic sensibilities, creative skills, and expertise in order to work with desktop design programs.

Graphic designers make an average of $ 29.55 an hour. However, rates vary based on factors such as the complexity of the job and, to a lesser extent, education. Regardless, working as a part-time freelance graphic designer could be a great money making opportunity on the weekend.

11. Tax Advisor

Many organizations will hire trained seasonal workers to help their clients prepare tax returns. The weekend is often the best time for customers in need of tax assistance.

People who want to work part-time and on weekends as tax advisors just need to get certified. And there are plenty of online tax preparation schools to fill that void.

Tax advisors interview customers and receive information about their income and expenses. You can always consult senior executives on complex tax issues. If you work as a tax advisor over the weekend, you can earn an average hourly wage of $ 21 per hour during the tax season.

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10. Take a ride

Those who have a late model car and a personality can go for ridesharing like Lyft and Uber. These services allow drivers to work as much or as little as they want, especially on the weekends.

One benefit of working on the weekends is that customers need trips after outings for entertainment, shopping, theaters, restaurants, and bars.

Many drivers have taken this opportunity to work for multiple services which has helped them expand their money making opportunities.

However, if you want to take advantage of this weekend opportunity, you have to be an excellent driver. You can use your car, which should be in good condition, or ask about your friends’ car. Ridesharing riders can make more than $ 10 an hour, depending on the day.

9. eBay / Amazon sellers

Online e-commerce platforms have opened up opportunities for many people. Amazon and eBay offer sellers the opportunity to advertise their products. While products are sold on these platforms around the clock, these part-time weekend jobs provide sellers with an opportunity to run their business. However, ecommerce sellers should always be ready to respond to customers within 24 hours.

In addition, packaging, uploading of entries and shipping orders can be carried out at the weekend. Amazon and eBay keep 10% to 15% for the process of the sale.

Amazon and eBay sellers can make thousands a year, while some even make over ten million dollars a year. However, as is customary, the more you work, the more you earn. And don’t forget that there are seasonal peaks for online sales that coincide with the holiday shopping season.

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8. Wedding photographer / videographer

Those with good camera skills and a flair for editing photos (and videos) have a great opportunity to expand their reach. Since weddings typically take place on weekends, wedding photographers / videographers can work part-time while improving their skills.

Wedding photographers also have the opportunity to make lots of money on the weekends. For example, some charge more than $ 2,000 depending on customer or wedding needs.

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7. Wedding musician or DJ

If photography isn’t for you, consider becoming a wedding musician or a DJ. Since most weddings (and other parties) are held on the weekend, it is an opportunity to make good money for those looking for a part-time job.

Anyone who has the ability to play the role of a DJ or musician can undoubtedly take advantage of the opportunity. However, DJs / musicians need to remember to play the music that will satisfy the guests. Otherwise, you run the risk of not receiving referrals. A wedding DJ can expect to make more than $ 1,495 playing music, not bad!

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6. Golf caddy

Golf courses tend to be the busiest on weekends, and this is an opportunity for those seeking a part-time golf caddy job, especially during the summer season.

Before anyone can work as a golf caddy, they need to know the equipment and get close to different holes. Physical endurance is also required as caddies usually run golf clubs with their golf clubs.

Golf caddies make between $ 20 and $ 50 an hour, depending on the course level, the golfer, and the tips received.

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5. Health care workers

Healthcare workers have been in great demand since the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. For example, there is a tremendous demand for nurses, especially nurses. These nurses have to work on weekends to supplement the regular staff.

Registered nurses follow treatment plans, treat wounds, administer medication, and monitor patient health.

Weekend nurses can also make more than $ 30 an hour.

4. Handy person

For the handyman with ninja-like repair skills, handy people (man / woman) can make good money. Since many people lack the time to learn simple repair skills, manageable people can meet those needs part-time and on the weekends. A handy person can be entrusted with the installation of a lamp, a small carpentry workshop, the repair of drywall, light plumbing or painting.

The best craftsmen can charge up to $ 50 an hour. However, you will always be best advised to keep the customer as happy as possible. That way, they’ll stay busy with recommendations.

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3. Customer service representative

Customer Service Agents (CSRs) communicate with customers online or over the phone to answer their questions and resolve problems. CSRs also inform consumers about the effective use of their customers’ products or services. For example, technical support staff solve software, computer, or hardware problems.

Before starting this weekend job, CSRs should be patient and have good listening, problem solving and verbal communication skills.

Since CSRs can usually work from home, they can often do these jobs part-time and on the weekends.

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2. Retail Agent

The weekend is the time when people shop when they are not working. As a result, businesses in various sectors will hire part-time workers over the weekend. Retail agents need strong customer service skills, and attention to detail will go a long way.

The more shoppers enter the store, the more products are sold. As a result, there is also a demand that people have to replenish the shelves.

Retail reps make about $ 12 + an hour. Statistics also show that there are nearly 10 million retail jobs in a typical (non-pandemic) year, which means this is an excellent opportunity to earn an income.

1. Bartender

The bars are often busiest on the weekends.

Weekend events like weddings, birthday parties, etc. offer weekend-based options. There were 644,000 bartending jobs in America in 2018. And once the pandemic is over, the situation will undoubtedly improve.

Bartenders need the skills and knowledge to mix drinks while having good listening skills, a vibrant personality and high quality customer service skills.

Bartenders also make most of their income from tips. In terms of compensation, some can make up to $ 500 a night.

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The bottom line for part-time weekend jobs

As you’ve seen, these jobs are some of the best part-time weekend jobs to get started right away. If supplementing your weekly income is important, consider a position where you can use your skills and knowledge to make extra cash.