Outsourcing IT Key For SME Growth


Small-to-medium enterprises (or SMEs) are the backbone of
the nation’s economy, employing just over 40% of the NZ
workforce. Regardless of the industry in which they operate,
the more SMEs can ensure their longevity and ability to
scale into larger companies, the better they can contribute
to innovation, job creation, and local and national economic

Despite their key role in economic
development, however, the vast majority of SMEs have limited
resources, especially when starting out. These limitations
often extend beyond purely the financial to include limited
knowledge, labour, and access to market. As it takes time to
grow internal resource capacity, many SMEs use outsourcing
as a way to bridge the gap.

For any new SME, it is
imperative that weaknesses are promptly outsourced, as
attempting to offer services or run certain aspects of the
business internally when there isn’t the capacity or
knowledge to do so effectively can significantly impede
growth and productivity. So, if an SME doesn’t have the
means by which to hire a permanent in-house accountant, for
example, the best option would be to outsource that
particular function – at least until such time as it
becomes viable to set up an internal accounting

There are many services and business
functions that can be outsourced, including human resource
management, content creation, marketing, and online customer
care. Thanks to the rapid growth of IT in Dunedin,
especially, an increasing number of SMEs also have access to
local world-class companies that can assist them with all
their specific tech requirements.

Since an internal IT
department can be particularly expensive to run for
fledgling companies, outsourcing IT to qualified and
knowledgeable companies that can assist in anything from
hardware and software acquisition, Cloud computing
solutions, and general maintenance to upgrades and business
futureproofing is a sure-fire way of ensuring SME

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