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A wide range of AWS-centric courses and tutorials are available for free.

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TL; DR: A wide variety of courses and tutorials for Amazon Web Services are available for free on Udemy.

Hello you. Yes you. Lean close because we have a secret to share. We have to whisper it quietly because free things tend to get a bit of a buzz.

Here it is: Udemy offers a wide range of AWS-centric courses and tutorials for free. You can also read and download tons of official AWS Kindle manuals from Amazon for free. Yes, you can seriously expand your knowledge on this subject and include it on your resume without spending a dime.

The list of free courses and tutorials on Udemy is very long and it is worth browsing the site to find the course that suits you best. If this seems like too much work to you, we’ve put together a selection of powerful options to get you started:

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Amazon Web Services for free with Udemy.

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