OnCore Golf caught up in Masters marketing kerfuffle | Local News


Wayne Player told Golf Digest he was not attempting to upstage the tribute to Elder.

“The only thought from that point was that it would be cool for fans to know what ball my dad was teeing off with,” Player told the publication. “That’s where it ends. If I’ve hurt people’s feelings then I’m truly sorry and hope they will forgive me.”

At the heart of the controversy is the long tradition on the professional golf tour of sponsors paying handsomely to have their names and logos displayed on the bags, clothing and hats worn by tour pros. A photo or video clip that shows what type of ball a player uses can be a valuable marketing tool.

Marc Player, who is Wayne’s brother, tweeted this week that he agreed with the critics, and said Wayne Player had been banned from the Masters and from Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, where the tournament is annually held.

“What a shame,” Marc Player tweeted. “What an embarrassment. What a bad decision to allow him on the first tee after years of similar shenanigans. My apologies to all.”

Blakely told The Buffalo News that Wayne Player is not a shareholder in OnCore, and that the company’s relationship is with Gary Player.

Just ahead of last year’s Masters – which was shifted to November – OnCore promoted that Gary Player would be using one of its balls for his ceremonial tee off. In a statement last year, Blakely recounted how Gary Player had told him in a voicemail earlier last year: “I’ve never played a better ball.”

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