‘OK Google’ has apparently been broken on Wear OS devices for months, but a solution is being found


Has Google neglected its Wear OS smart wearable device platform? Well, you are the judge: The company just announced to The Verge that it is working to fix the issues that numerous users have encountered with “OK Google” and “Hey Google” calls on Wear OS devices.

The problems reported by Droid Life are very serious. Some users can’t activate Google Assistant with both sets, although a long press still seems to work. But here’s the kicker: Judging by the posts in Google’s Issue Tracker, the problem has existed since November 2020.

This is not a minor problem. The title of the thread in Issue Tracker sums it up: “The essential function of the Google Assistant operating system is not working.” For example, a smart wearable whose assistant you cannot call up with a voice command is not very useful while driving.

The thread has dozens of posts where users on different smartwatch models have the same problem. And Droid Life dug up Google support threads starting June with users reporting this issue.

In general, Google hasn’t updated its Wear operating system very often lately, although a new version should come out in 2021. The company did not say when exactly the solution to the “OK Google” problem would come. Hopefully it will happen soon – users have waited too long for such an important solution.