Oculus Quest 2 headsets are multi-user and can be used together


For Oculus Quest 2 users with friends or family, it’s time to celebrate.

This is because Oculus confirmed Thursday that the ability to log in multiple Facebook accounts in one headset will be immediately available to Quest 2 owners. Support for Quest 1 will come later. This includes the headset’s master account holder being able to share any apps or games they own with other accounts on that headset. This means that these other users don’t need to buy Beat Saber if it is already in the system.

Of course, this has some limitations. The administrator account (owned by the owner of the device) can only add three additional profiles to a Quest 2 headset, so larger families may need to create a sharing plan. Everyone must also provide their own Facebook login. The last big problem is that app sharing is only for that particular Quest 2 device. In other words, if you’re playing a game like Beat Saber that’s been granted to you via app sharing, then if you log into that Facebook profile with another Quest 2 headset, you won’t suddenly own it.

Oculus is calling these “experimental features” for now, which means the rules above are subject to change. Regardless, multi-user support is very important in Oculus Quest 2. Previously, you had to do a factory reset to log into a Quest 2 in a different account. Maybe one day you won’t need a Facebook login.

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