New competition and new business opportunities for Norwalk entrepreneurs


Press release from AGW SoNo Partners and OnWashington:

March 3, 2021

Local real estate collective AGW SONO Partners announced their latest project on Washington Street this week with a call for entrepreneurs to showcase their business and win a free commercial popup on Washington Street in the historic SoNo District. The concept is another initiative by AGW SONO Partners, who manage 27 properties on Washington Street, and their marketing department for the OnWashington portfolio.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to showcase AGW with their passion project, restaurant concept, retail product, unique service, or fun idea that can be introduced to the public.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for a company to conduct market research with consumers, test the water in a commercial and public setting, or just sell anything,” says Linda Kavanagh, Director of OnWashington Many people over the past year have had to focus on their careers , and many take the opportunity to reinvent themselves and pursue a career in something they are truly passionate about. This competition is really a celebration of entrepreneurship. “


Business ideas are evaluated by AGW SONO Partners and OnWashington.

* Submissions are due by March 31, 2021

The winner will be notified by April 7, 2021.

The location and the conditions for doing business in the allocated space will be determined by AGW SONO Partners.

Utilizing the portfolio’s available space is something that AGW has become known for since this New York-based company came to town in November 2019. OnWashington is AGW’s marketing arm for the Washington Street Historic District, which includes a website with @onwashingtonst social media platforms, and an ongoing agenda focused on helping tenants improve the block and new tenants for the opening their Washington Street business.

In September 2020, AGW built and launched Norwalk To-Go, a bespoke takeaway and delivery platform designed to help their restaurant tenants improve their takeaway and delivery rates in their business. The program is fully funded by AGW, so restaurant tenants no longer have to pay the 30% fee used by third-party vendors to hollow them out. Restaurants keep 100% of their sales! Norwalk To-Go has had sales of over $ 65,000 since its inception.

To date, AGW and OnWashington have produced such high-profile community events including: Art OnWashington, which filled the storefronts of the Washington Street Historic District with an eclectic collection of thought-provoking art; SoNo Arts Festival 2020 “Gallery Walk,” which saw 8 gallery locations set up on Washington Street in September and October; and the SoNo Holiday Market, which turns 8 locations into festive gift shops and fills the street with live music.

“Our goal is to establish the Washington Street Historic District as a premier destination to live, work and play in,” said Adam Greenbaum, Managing Partner of AGW SONO Partners continuous enrichment of the neighborhood. Support comes in many forms, and we strive to find creative ways to improve the Washington Street Historic District. “

This press release was prepared by AGW SoNo Partners and OnWashington. The views expressed here are the author’s own.