Nevada State Contractors Board Partners to Hold 2nd Annual ‘Hammers & Hope’ Event


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Held virtually, event will highlight available construction industry career opportunities, guidance for women, students in the community

Who: Nevada State Contractors Board and construction industry experts

What: In honor of National Women in Construction Week, Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) will hold the second annual “Hammers & Hope” event, geared towards introducing/highlighting the many construction industry career opportunities for women in the community, with a particular focus on women in need and high school students considering future career paths.

“Hammers & Hope” will feature an “Inspiring Women” panel discussion, with women who have faced myriad obstacles and challenges but prevailed, thanks to the opportunities afforded by the construction industry; a “Preparing for Success” workshop with resume, job interview and networking tips; followed by a “Career Connections” panel of industry experts who will provide information on the varied careers in construction and current/available job training educational programs, apprenticeship, and services  to help attendees break into the industry and secure employment. Attendees will come away with a step-by-step understanding of how to start a career in construction, an in-depth look at working “in the field,” and the inspiration to make construction a fulfilling lifelong career.

When: 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., Thursday, March 11, 2021

Where: This event will be held virtually. To RSVP/receive the link, please email

The Nevada State Contractors Board is committed to ensuring the integrity and professionalism of the construction industry in Nevada. The NSCB has the responsibility to promote quality construction by Nevada licensed contractors through a regulatory licensing system designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.  For more information about the Nevada State Contractors Board, please visit

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