Networking tips from the Inman Connect Kick-Off Party


The Inman Connect conference series may be the best when it comes to the variety of professionals it attracts. The question, “What do you do?” can return something unexpected, and quite often, serendipitous. Looking for someone who specializes in CRMs, or in need of someone who focuses on maximizing your ad spend or creating content? They’re right there, ready to talk shop!

From Cocktails@Connect to the Booth Bar Crawl, there is never a shortage of networking opportunity at Inman Connect. This year, Inman added another great networking event to the schedule: the first-ever official Inman Connect Kick-Off Party!

Hosted by IDX Broker, the Apex Social Club at The Palms was the perfect setting for hundreds of ICLV attendees to mix it up. The Kick-Off Party quickly turned into a memorable and one-of-a-kind house party. The music was turned up and dialed in, and the indoor/outdoor venue gave guests the chance to sip on a cocktail and take in a truly breathtaking view.

While the event was a perfect way to wrap up day one at ICLV, nobody planned on partying so hard as to bring on the grasshopper-apocalypse! For those of us at ICLV through the week, we would prefer to remember ICLV without the late arrival of our uninvited winged guests.

With only a few days to establish and strengthen connections that lead to strategic partnerships, innovation, and even lifelong professional relationships (did someone say referrals?), the party was full of guests making the most of their networking time. Clearly, ICLV attendees take their networking seriously, and these networking no-nos were nowhere to be seen.

Put down the device

Many of us focus on making digital connection a part of our daily exercise. Those of us in lead generation even score the quality and quantity of our interactions. With chatbots and drip campaigns facilitating a connection in the digital realm, we can’t forget – however simple that may be – the strength of human connections!

Connect is about making and strengthening relationships. Putting your phone in your pocket or bag, at least momentarily, can be a great decision. As mentioned above, it’s rare that you’ll find such a wide array of experience and expertise in one location!

Be yourself

You’ve checked all the boxes. You have your introduction down, and you have set a quantifiable goal for what you want to get out of your networking. So, you hit the floor and start shaking hands.

The problem – it doesn’t feel authentic.

Being yourself is perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do at an Inman conference. You’re surrounded by professionals who may have the same challenges you do, and others who may have the solution.

When sparking a connection, make it real, and don’t sacrifice the very unique elements of you and your business to obsess about how you’re being perceived.


Get outside your comfort zone

It’s nice there, but it won’t get you anywhere.

Approaching someone whose path towards success you admire can be intimidating. Still, one of your objectives at Inman Connect should be to leave your comfort zone. Likely, you’ll discover a brand new one: the networking events at Inman Connect!

Maximizing your time at events like the Kick-Off Party should be a part of your conference plan. If you were in attendance at the ICLV Kick-Off Party, you’re probably a pro already – the networking was on point!

Still refining your networking game? You have time to develop a plan. Your next professional connection is ready to meet you at Inman Connect New York!

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