Networking tips for professionals – Tue, July 28 2020


Many professionals equate networking with social climbing or opportunism, worrying that other people will perceive them as being insincere or driven by ulterior motives if they engage in the act.

In actuality, by forming a wide social network of colleagues and partners, you can lead a long and fulfilling career, thus allowing you to help more people’s careers in a mutually enriching relationship.

Founder and managing partner of business consultancy company Tjitra & Associates Hora Tjitra said business networking was important to stay abreast with information on the latest goings-on in business.

The business world, he said, was complex, as it broadened your horizons through the exchange of knowledge and experience with people across various fields, which could be helpful in guiding your career actions and decisions.

By leveraging your own career through business netw…

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