Mt. Sinai Native Delivers NY Bagels In Philly As ‘Bagel Butler’


MT. SINAI, NY — Long Island native Josh Anker moved to Philadelphia in 2020 to work in the legal field. But as the coronavirus pandemic hit, Anker found himself embarking on an entrepreneurial side gig, delivering fresh New York bagels to Philadelphia residents, that has no become a full-time business.

Bagel Butler brings Long Island bagels to customers in and around Philadelphia who want that authentic New York bagel that can’t be found nearby. Anker has been hand delivering the bagels, and doing the round trip drives himself, but is now growing enough to hire additional employees.

Anker told the Philly Grub blog that he was bringing bagels back with him from trips back to his hometown of Mt. Sinai, and the thought of selling them locally occurred to him in June.

He collects orders by Thursday that are then delivered Saturday morning. Anker won’t disclose where the Long Island bagels are made, however, calling it “a trade secret.”

Every time Bagel Butler makes customer deliveries, it stops by nonprofits like Ronald McDonald House and others to donate some, as well.

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