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After 11 seasons and countless episodes, Modern Family came to an end. Unfortunately, the Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett clan dropped a few storylines.

If a show has been on TV for as long as Modern Family (11 seasons!), There are bound to be a couple of plot holes, inconsistencies, and storylines left in the dust. So many dramatic things happen to the Dunphys, Tucker Pritchetts, and Delgado Pritchetts that it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is going on.

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However, when something so important happens to the characters, only to be never mentioned again, it leaves a sour taste in fans’ mouths. How could something so instrumental in these characters’ lives not be taken up again? With fans re-watching the show now that it is over, it’s easy to remember the storylines that could have been.

10 What happened to Luke’s app?

Phil and Luke in the modern family

At the beginning of Season 11, Luke was still attending community college, but had a plan up his sleeve. After doing research and connecting with an older businessman, Luke and his new business partner created an app to simplify paperwork in the doctor’s office. His idea was pretty brilliant and he did his homework thoroughly.

Claire and Phil were so impressed with Luke’s idea that they backed his decision to leave college to pursue the business idea. Amazingly, these were the last fans to hear about the app! By the end of the series, Luke was in college at the University of Oregon. What happened to the app?

9 Why was this part of Luke’s life ignored?

The dunphy children in the modern family

In “A Tale of Three Cities” the Dunphys prepare to end their little vacation in New York City. Haley, Alex and Luke weren’t ready to leave when their parents did, so they decided to stay a little longer.

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When it came to paying for a hotel, Haley suggested using the money Luke won in his carnival deal. Apparently, Luke fell off a ride and there was no mention or continuation of it throughout the show.

8th Lily’s brightness is overlooked

Mitch and Cam with Lily - modern family

Cam and Mitchell’s parenting skills have been questioned by fans for years. All they wanted was a child and they got the perfect one with Lily. However, they don’t always take their feelings into account or even pay attention to them.

In one episode, she was made aware that Lily was incredibly bright. She was encouraged by the school to move up a grade, much to Cams and Mitch’s disbelief. But unfortunately, those were the last fans to hear of Lily’s accelerated training. It would have been amazing to see Lily and Alex connected on an intellectual level.

7th Where’s Phil’s Magic Shop?

At Jay and Gloria’s 10th wedding anniversary party, Phil found out he had the opportunity to own his own magic shop 10 years ago, but the message never crossed his mind. It turned out that Claire knew of the opportunity but never passed the message on to Phil.

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To make amends, she bought the magic shop and gave it to Phil. He was now the owner of his own magic shop. This would have been a great side gig for Phil, but it was never discussed again.

6th What happened to the connection between Lily and Gloria?

modern family blooper with Lily and Gloria

When Lily was a baby, Gloria loved every second of hanging out with her. She would love to babysit Lily when Cam and Mitch were busy and looking forward to spending time with a girl in the family.

That relationship could have turned into a beautiful pairing on the show, but as soon as Lily grew, they slowly stopped spending time together. Gloria’s maternal side with Lily faded and her bond faded. This was a missed opportunity.

5 Where Are Dod The Dunphys’ Neighbors Going?

Phil and Claire were devastated when their potential dream neighbors were outbid by an undesirable (in their eyes) family. The new family next door was rough around the edges and the complete opposite of the Dunphy clan.

They showed up in a few storylines with the Dunphys, but they slowly stopped showing up. Given how invasive they were to begin with, it’s unlikely they would give way to Phil and Claire later.

4th Do you remember Phil’s parking garage?

Phil and Jays parking garage - modern family

In season eight, Phil’s love of real estate expanded when he and Jay bought a lot and turned it into a parking garage. In “All Things Are Equal”, Jay and Phil were at odds with how the parking garage should be operated, but they eventually came to an agreement at the end of the episode.

It seemed like a fun business for the two of them, but sadly, it didn’t go anywhere. The two slowly stopped talking about their lot and it was no longer shown.

3 Cam & Claire’s house flipping business

Claire and Cam are freaking houses - modern family

Given Phil’s love of real estate and Cam and Claire’s need for control and order, it seemed like the next logical step to band together to turn houses around.

Although turning a house over was more difficult than they expected, it seemed such a fun way for the families to take part. But once they sold the one house they turned over, that was the end. Their house flipping business partnership was no longer an issue.

2 Where did Andre go?

In season three, Phil was building a tree house when he accidentally met his neighbor Andre. Phil always said he was a pillar in the church and respected, but he had no idea Andre had been his neighbor for the past eight years. How!?

The two got pretty close, but slowly stopped hanging out. Andre didn’t seem separated from Phil’s life anymore and it’s confusing why the show even added him in the first place when they would give him the ax for no reason.

1 Jay didn’t care when Claire left his lifelong business ?!

Jay Modern family

Jay treated Pritchett’s closets & blinds like his child. He built a successful business from the ground up and loved every minute of it. He really loved closets. When it was time to retire, he happily gave Claire the company when she was ready to run it. But in season 11, Claire realized that closets weren’t her passion and that she hated her job.

As the owner of the company – and daughter of the previous owner – it was shocking that Claire went out of business like it wasn’t a big deal. as if Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds were just “any” company. This was a big decision that has been completely redesigned.

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