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The owners are grateful to have started business during COVID-19. said it was easier to follow guidelines

Pullman locals and WSU alums Molly and Tim Schotzko share a passion for grilling in the Central Texas style. They hope to use their food truck, Miss Huddy’s, to bring the joy of conversation and great food to the community.

The couple said their first experience of Texas-style barbecuing was during a state visit. Now they are motivated to restore the taste and social experience they had in Austin, Texas.

“If you go to Texas [for barbecue]If you stand in line for a while, you meet people from Texas or the US and around the world who came to Texas to experience this, ”said Tim.

In addition to their love of barbecuing, the couple are passionate about community and forge relationships with others in the Pullman region.

“We love this community so much that we think the community aspect of barbecuing is just right,” says Tim said. “We want our customers to talk to each other to meet new people and share their experiences.”

Molly said she and Tim have had trouble not seeing friends and family often because of the COVID-19 pandemic. B.However, they are happy to continue to serve the community in a safe manner.

The Schotzkos said they were grateful to have started this post-pandemic endeavor because they were able to incorporate safety guidelines into their original business plan instead of having to change operations to meet requirements.

The Schotzkos went to grill after encouragement from family and friends to share their amazing cuisine with the community, they said. Although it wasn’t the easiest trip, they did enjoyed the hard work that comes with running their own business, they said.

“Grilling is an incredible amount of work [only] Two of us, we have a four year old and this is a side appearance, ”said Molly Schotzko. “We didn’t expect this reaction immediately, so Tim cooks a lot more than we expected.”

The couple said they appreciated that colleagues and customers were patient and understanding as they continued to navigate the serving schedules and logistics for running a restaurant.

Since opening the Schotzkos served from Miss Huddy’s in the same location north of Dissmore’s on Stadium Way and plan to stay there for the next few services. Tim said they are considering a more permanent location in the future. However, there are many factors that can affect where you can place your food truck.

Serving frequency varies, Said Molly because the couple learns how much product it takes to serve everyone.

They look forward to a time when they can cook more often. She said they were on schedule to do two services a month.

In addition to grilling, Molly is a part-time teacher at Edward R. Murrow College of Communications and Tim teaches shop at Pullman High School.

The Schotzkos I also have a four year old daughter, Hudson, who is the namesake of Miss Huddy’s Barbecue. Molly said they care about setting good examples of work ethic and making a dream a reality for their daughter.

“When you have something that inspires and fascinates you, follow it, you never know where it is going,” said Molly. “It didn’t happen to us overnight, we’ve been building this for about six or seven years now.”

Tim said they are still learning how everything works together, but encourage those who want to start their own business to follow their dreams.

Tim said one of his favorite dishes on the menu was brisket. It brings back the nostalgic feeling when he and Molly visited Texas and had their first experience of the grilling that is so close to their hearts.

“Often there are people who have waited a long time in line. So if you cut off one of the bites and eat it, they look at each other and say,” Oh, I get it now “.” he said.

Molly sHelp they love in bringing flavors from their childhood to the menu with a wide variety of side dishes and desserts.

“We do our best to recreate ourselves [the experience], “Tim said. “To be able to watch other people enjoy themselves [barbecue] The way we enjoy it makes the late nights worth it. ”

People can be regularly updated about Miss Huddy’s location and services through her Instagram page.

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