Meet James William Awad, the father of modern business decentralization


Ever thought of a killer idea that could be a potential game changer for a particular company? Most people had at least one business idea worth pursuing, but which was at stake for too long before it was forgotten. It could be the fear of not being compensated for introducing these ideas to large corporations or conglomerates that would definitely only work with them, or it could be the lack of resources to pursue these ideas on your own that makes companies develop and business hinders life as we know it.

This is exactly the point that James William Awad tries to address with TripleOne, the world’s first officially decentralized company. In the ideal world of James William, all business ideas are recognized and adequately rewarded insofar as they have helped move a company forward.

TripleOne borrows basic ideas from blockchain and cryptocurrency to decentralize power from a central source or authority and distribute it so that everyone is equally involved in a project or company they work for.

As with any young, revolutionary business idea, the main concept behind TripleOne might be difficult to fathom right now, but here it is put simply: TripleOne users work together to manage and develop multiple companies. Anyone who signs up as a user gets access to TripleOne companies and partner organizations who pay them for every valuable business idea they put on the table, as well as for every task they do in realizing those ideas.

TripleOne brings the world together in business so no breakthrough ideas are wasted and no one is left unpaid to help companies grow and thrive. Currently, James Williams TripleOne has 19 operating companies and that’s just the beginning. Going forward, this entrepreneur sees TripleOne gaining more partners in a variety of areas and industries that users may have proprietary interests in, including but not limited to e-commerce, real estate, groceries, and even skin care.

In a way, the future of TripleOne depends entirely on the input and opinions of its users.

This exciting, democratized business world invented by James William is rooted in a life of convincing people that he is not too young to do the things he thinks possible. At the tender age of 14, James began working as a freelance developer. Only one thing stood in his way: The fact that companies are generally not ready to entrust the development of their systems to a 14-year-old. Knowing this, James was forced to convince customers that he was twice his age.

One of his first appearances was to repair and further develop the user management system of a Mexican bank. If they had known or guessed his age before he completed the project, they would have pulled James William out immediately. Fortunately, he finished the task efficiently and they weren’t the wiser as the quality of his work was that of a 28 year old rather than a 14 year old.

James began to take on more projects until he got enough to buy books on C ++ coding and pay his people’s mortgage for the year. Inspired by this, James got more creative. As a young fan of video games, he used his programming knowledge to earn unlimited coins for an extremely popular game. He was able to sell batches and batches of these coins to a Chinese company before the video game developers understood and approached James Williams Hack. Even his bank decided to close his checking account just because they didn’t believe a 15 year old could actually make that much money.

These setbacks were part of this entrepreneur’s drive to make businesses more accessible to all, regardless of age or economic status. In addition, he plans to use the profits he will make with TripleOne for philanthropic purposes, such as setting up independent schools and starting new projects that will help more people in the future. With James admitting to being a bit of a workaholic and working on TripleOne day in and day out, that dream could come true sooner rather than later.

To keep an eye on James William and his exciting business, connect with him on his personal insta on social media (@Senior) and through the official account of TripleOne.

Published on February 9, 2021

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