Marketing mogul & nightlife connoisseur Walter Alexander Jones hopes for the revival of nightlife in a new normal


Walter Alexander Jones, known as @CasinoJefe, is a 32-year-old multi-faceted personality who has established himself in the nightlife and concert industries. The visionary entrepreneur and marketing mogul lives in Washington DC and is hoping for a revival of nightlife in a new normal.

The nightlife connoisseur began organizing events from his hometown of Detroit, MI while he was leaving his high school to enter his college. Walter Alexander Jones has traveled the world learning extraordinary strategies from many professionals and venues to organize breathtaking events.

By using his knowledge and experience, the entrepreneur wants to offer his event participants exceptional experiences. He has been involved in many of the largest concerts and night club events in the world. A little over a year ago, Walter and his team had filled the popular Connecticut Avenue in DC weekly.

They had to cancel many upcoming events because of the pandemic outbreak. Due to this global pandemic, nightclubs, bars and concerts have suffered enormous financial losses. The unexpected bad times have taught Walter Alexander Jones many lessons due to the total shutdown of the entertainment industry.

An important lesson is to have a solid financial plan for a recession to fight and revitalize business. Walter Alexander Jones quoted: “It’s so easy to make money in business, but it’s even easier to spend.” He said that his mother would ask him to put away some of the money he earned as he grew. Now he is giving the same advice to others to ensure their survival in difficult times. He urges all entrepreneurs to set aside part of their income. He’s not saying to start pinching and stop enjoying life, but he does say you have to have a financial plan to become recession-proof to weather the storm.

Despite the pandemic, Walter Alexander Jones is still doing fine. He wanted to call out all the workers, DJs, promoters and owners of the nightlife industry around the world. He is expected to regain his name and position in the entertainment scene after the city reopens. Easily catch him with celebrities @Phantomclubdc in Washington DC and enjoy the nightlife. The nightlife connoisseur hopes to see in people’s lives the same mood, smile and energy as in earlier times.

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