Marketing firm Beaverton works with Legacy Builders / Construction


Stearns Marketing announces its partnership with Legacy Builders / Construction to offer a range of marketing services, strengthen brand image and give them a new brand position.

Legacy Builders / Construction, a company that has been in business for many years, decided to rename themselves to give them a new look. They want to let their customers know what it’s about and that the customer is at the heart of their business. Legacy’s mission is to build a close relationship with their clients and ensure that every project they work on receives the attention and professionalism that it desires.

Stearns offers a high level of expertise and experience with a quick, proactive attitude to each of its services and consistently exceeds customer expectations. They strive to ensure that the services they provide are high quality and they strive to take their clients’ business to the next level, particularly through rebranding because they hit that sweet spot to their branding Improve customers. Legacy Builders has decided to team up with Stearns Marketing to discover their “sweet spot” and this is sure to improve their business. In addition to providing a beautiful and professional branding package for Legacy, Stearns has designed a high quality website through their Website Services offering social media marketing and bespoke sales items, among many other marketing services that Stearns and Legacy offer continue together.

Stearns Marketing gave Legacy Builders the look they want their business to look like and positioned them in the market to thrive. Stearns Marketing’s brand positioning is one of the best as the visual brand identity process begins with a comprehensive client briefing to fully understand and set the objectives and parameters of the assignment. This gives their customers exactly what they want and need to position themselves competitively.

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