Lyft offers free trips to COVID-19 vaccinations at CVS locations


Earlier this month, Uber announced free and discounted rides to Walgreens pharmacies for COVID-19 vaccinations. This week Lyft announced something similar, but for CVS locations.

Lyft offers free or discounted rides to vaccination appointments at CVS Health Community clinics. These clinics will open in mobile vaccination carts and in other locations in March and April to make the nationwide vaccination campaign more accessible. Lyft will be reporting more on vaccination clinic locations and availability in the coming weeks.

CVS is working with the YMCA and other nonprofit groups to set up locations and select locations for the vans.

Lyft helps people get to the community websites and vans that are not the same as CVS pharmacy locations. Travel discounts and free codes are distributed through organizations that Lyft partners with through the LyftUp initiative. Lyft has pledged to offer 60 million trips to vaccination appointments for low-income, uninsured and other vulnerable groups.

Vaccinations began at CVS pharmacies last week and are now available to eligible recipients in nearly 20 states and territories, including Puerto Rico.

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