Learn to program in up to 9 different languages ​​with this $ 35 training course


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Get 13 different coding courses in one bundle.

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TL; DR: Take your coding skills to the next level with the Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Package, offered at the price of 98%. Starting February 12, you can get the full package for $ 34.99.

Improving old skills and learning new ones – with technical skills at the forefront. Research by BoxBoat found that one in four people spent their time during the lockdown.

Whether you are looking to improve your technical career development skills or improve your career prospects, learning to code is almost never a bad idea. And with this affordable online programming training course, you can get started from the comfort of your couch.

With 119 hours of content and a total of 13 courses, this training package will help you lay the groundwork in not one, not two, but nine different coding languages. These include popular languages ​​like Python, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby, which are known to be easier to learn and use for all kinds of purposes, as well as more complex game development languages ​​like C # and C ++, and data science languages ​​like Scala and R.

You can start with any language you want. Prefer to start with the basics? Go with Java or HTML. Do you have a strong interest in machine learning? One of the many Python courses is a solid place to start. Or maybe you want to code your own video game. Then you want to shift your focus to the course on C ++. With lifetime access, you can work through anything however you want, with no restrictions.

For a limited time, the entire package can be purchased for just $ 34.99.

Learn to program in up to 9 different languages ​​with this $ 35 training course

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