Learn all the practicalities of setting up a business through ten-week course


LOCAL Enterprise Office Wicklow will run a ten week course programme to assist participants in assessing the viability of business ideas and in understanding the essential elements required to start up and run their own businesses.

he Start Your Own Business course starts on Thursday, September 29, and will run until Thursday, December 1, taking place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. each evening.

Participants will get to understand what is required of an individual to start their own business and get to know the process of idea generation and how to assess an idea for profitability and success. They will also learn how to market and sell and how to research and assess new business ideas particularly using on-line tools which are quicker, less costly and often more effective.

Those taking part will also be provided with the concepts of business finances and the importance of cashflow management and will gain information on possible sources of funding.

You will also learn about the legal aspects of business formation, including health and safety and insurance considerations

Participants will evaluate their own ‘Elevator Pitch’ relating to their business idea/concept and will learn how to prepare and assess a business plan The course also includes the importance of technology in gaining competitive advantage, including E-Commerce, social media etc.

In each session, the concept of innovation is referred to. Participants will be encouraged that they do not have to reinvent their product or service, but perhaps take an alternative approach to their business model.

Developing new operational techniques to improve efficiencies in a long-established industry, for example. Networking amongst participants and implementation of the Business Plan will also be encouraged and facilitated through in-workshop group activities, emails from The Entrepreneur Academy team and through Moodle.

In addition to training materials and hand-outs distributed to participants, trainers will give reference materials to participants, some of which can be sourced on Moodle that will be set up for them by The Entrepreneurs Academy.

The course costs €50 and you can book at www.localenterprise.ie/wicklow.

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