Larissa Lima shocked fans with purple hair cosplay


Larissa Lima is known for her beautiful dark hair, but she recently decided to make a dramatic change. Now she’s rocking ultra-violet locks.

Larissa Lima is one 90 days fiance Alum who shocked fans when she posted a picture of herself with purple hair. The new and light curls are a break from Lima’s signature dark brown hair color.

Regular viewers of the popular TLC reality show have seen Larissa (who looked lethargic in a disturbing video recently) with her hair in a variety of ways, from braids to luscious waves to pin-straight blowouts. During her 90-day fiancé trip, she even went on a pony once. During her reality TV days and beyond, Larissa has become a style icon. She is known for her love of elite brands, highly glamorous makeup and polished hair. Now this ambitious diva, formerly engaged to Colt Johnson, is aiming for a hot new hair color that fans can’t resist.

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According to Larissa Lima’s official Instagram account, the look was released last week. “Try different hairstyles,” she wrote in the caption. She added, “Don’t forget my premium content until Valentine’s Day is promotional.” The consensus in the comments on the original post seems to favor Lima’s new look. “I love the purple mood !!!!” wrote a poster. Some even encourage her to dip her toe in the cosplay pool, which could become a lucrative side appearance for the former TLC reality star. It’s possible that she’s already inspired by cosplay as she is known to enjoy video games, and one fan found that her purple hair resembles that of League of Legends character Kai’Sa. See Larissa’s post below:

Lima could be looking for new ways to generate income. The 34-year-old Brazilian appears for the first time in the sixth season of TLC’s juggernaut of a 90-day fiancé. She had been in a relationship with Colt Johnson over and over again until the couple finally divorced in May 2019. Just as viewers were about to follow her on her blooming romance with her now ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols, TLC unleashed reality from the starlet. This came after a sultry camsoda video of her and some oil debuted. She then decided to start an OnlyFans page, as many other 90 day fiancés have done. After making over $ 40,000 a month on the adult platform, Lima made the shocking decision to close its website in January.

Fans have to wonder what Lima is targeting now. Is her manager Gina Rodriguez trying to rename her image in the hopes of getting more TV time? Does Lima want to turn her attention to academic activities … maybe she wants a degree? Or can visitors to future comic cons Lima see a booth with purple hair and all and promote the latest edition of Cyberpunk 2077?

While her future path remains unclear, one was made certain during her time 90 days fiance. Lima has the persistence to see everything through and have a “great” future.

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Source: Larissa Lima / Instagram

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