Keep your dog for sale with an interactive toy


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Stimulate your pup’s mind even when you need to get out.

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TL; DR: Help your dog stay active when you are not at home with the Wicked Ball Interactive Dog Toy. Starting February 14th, use code PREZ2021 for a total of 25% off and get it for just $ 36.51.

Having a dog is great, but leaving your pet alone can be difficult – even if it’s only about food. Keep your pup busy while you’re out and about with The Wicked Ball, which has been successfully funded by both Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Set the ball to suit your dog’s activity level: gentle, active, or normal. If your pet is motivated by food, there is even a compartment for a treat that is unlocked after an active game. Once you leave, the ball will work for up to eight hours.

It lights up, vibrates, and bounces to get your pet’s attention and get them to move and chase them. And if it needs freshening up afterward, it can be safely washed in the sink.

See it in action:

The wicked ball is active for 10 minutes and then rests for 30 minutes until the battery is empty. It’s also collision-proof so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck behind corners or between wires.

Typically this toy costs $ 49, but in honor of Presidents Day, you can drop the price down to just $ 36.51 for a limited time. Remember to enter the code PREZ2021 at the checkout.

Keep your dog for sale with an interactive toy

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