Is a Career in Network Security a Good Choice?


Regardless of the size and type of business, they need a security professional on their team. This is because cyber attacks are increasing day by day and cybersecurity is projected to cost the world $ 6 trillion by 2021, suggesting that a career in network security is a hot commodity. At the same time, the risks caused by the pandemic have led to a significant increase in cyber threats worldwide. Microsoft Threat Intelligence teams reported an 11-fold increase in cyber attacks related to COVID-19 in the week following the WHO’s announcement that it would acknowledge the pandemic.

The importance of network security

Why play a role in network security?

Network defenders are in demand

Now is the best time to begin a career in network security because it is short of skilled workers. In addition, there are many jobs in this field and it is estimated that skilled workers must grow to around 145% before they can meet the global demands in the marketplace.

Network security is a lucrative career

The average salary for a network security analyst is $ 81,100 per year. However, this can vary based on experience, skills, company, and role, with some entry-level roles making well over $ 95,000 per year.

What skills do you need to become a network defender?

The primary goal of a network security administrator is to protect an organization’s network infrastructure by creating and implementing policies and procedures. Network security jobs are playing an increasingly important role, and professionals need to be able to analyze the risks and weaknesses in a network.

To become a network defender, the following skills are recommended:

  • Manage the LAN, WAN and server architecture
  • Solve security problems
  • Testing systems for hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Manage VPNs, firewalls, email security, web protocols, and security programs
  • Development and implementation of virus detection systems
  • Track and record system vulnerabilities
  • Document and report the results of the security analysis
  • Monitor the instillation of new applications (software and hardware).
  • Analyze and implement new security protocols and technologies
  • Change of regulatory systems within IT security
  • Maintain the integrity of hardware and software
  • Analyze and investigate security lock warnings
  • Develop and implement security policies
  • Create user authentication / access policies and protocols
  • Maintain and update system architecture
  • Maintain and monitor servers and switches

To pursue a career in network security, you need to know the fundamentals of networking; B. Network concepts, fundamentals of computer networks, communication, devices, layers, etc.

How do I become a network security defender?

You can take part in a network security training program that follows the protection, detection, and response approach to defending a system. The program must also cover all required topics related to network security. In addition, the network security certification program must be recognized and accredited by a governing body.

If you are experienced in networking or have a network security certification in a network security program, you can join the network security program to kickstart your career. However, if you are new to the computer networking niche, you will need to enroll for certifications like Network Security Fundamentals (NSF).

The NSF program is an entry-level program by the Council of the European Union for individuals wishing to begin a career in network security. IT pros who are not into security but want to advance their careers can take part in network security programs like Certified Network Defender (CND). The EC-Council’s CND (Certified Network Defender) programs help administrators develop their network defense skills.

frequently asked Questions

What is cybersecurity like as a career?

There are a variety of career opportunities for network security engineers in the cybersecurity field. Potential cybersecurity jobs include security architect, information security analyst, chief information security officer, and security engineer.

Industries that cybersecurity professionals can be hired in are computer systems design and related services, credit brokerage and related activities, management companies and corporations, etc.

What types of network security are there?

Some of the most common types of network attacks are:

  • virus
  • Malware
  • worm
  • Phishing
  • Botnet
  • DoS (Denial of Service)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • The man in the middle

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