Inside the Mind of Gen Z


Segments examined:

Top Trend: FinTech

Favorite Company: Apple

When we asked Gen Z to describe themselves using one word…

When we asked Gen Z about who inspires them…

Future of Work


Data Privacy

Social & Shopping

When we asked Gen Zers if they thrift shop / buy secondhand clothes… we noticed that thrift shopping is more popular among Gen Z (56% do it) than previous generations (only 48% do). With Gen Z’s focus on self-expression and individuality, thrift shopping presents an opportunity to find unique pieces. It also seamlessly contributes to living a more sustainable lifestyle vs. shopping from fast fashion players like SHEIN, Cider, Zara, and others.

FinTech & Crypto

The Climate Crisis is the largest global concern among Gen Zers

How Gen Z will change the world

COVID-19 created opportunities for growth & self-discovery

As mentioned above, there’s an inherent positivity in the way we view ourselves… and we have a bias towards taking action to make a change. Experiencing COVID-19, the defining moment for our generation is no different.

Reprinted by permission.

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