Important steps to bring your business idea to life


With a shrinking labor market, there has never been a more pressing need for entrepreneurship than it is now. A new year is just around the corner and as we grapple with the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on our lives and livelihoods, many people are looking for new ways to make a living.

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

Unfortunately, however, many business ideas never see the light of day. Most great ideas stay inactive because people don’t have the courage, resources, time, and / or money to take action and turn the idea into a reality.

“Turning an idea into reality is never easy. In fact, it is extremely difficult. ”

This is according to Jason Bernic, Executive Life Coach, who says that it takes a lot mentally, physically, emotionally, and intellectually to go from idea to reality. “As the saying goes, ‘If it were easy – everyone would do it’.

Bernic offers the following advice to those looking to turn an idea into a money generating business:

  • Take Action – Break the big overall goal of starting a new business into tiny little steps. “I often ask my customers what is the first, smallest, small step they can take. The answer is usually simple and very attainable, and gives the person confidence to move on to the next small step. Then the next and the next. “
  • Vision – Have a vision and keep your vision clear at all times and believe in yourself. If you believe that you can be successful, you will find your way through various obstacles. If you don’t, you’ll only find excuses.
  • Face your fears – take the risk and challenge yourself. We only know the result of our efforts when we actually do it. Overcoming fear is not easy, but it has to be done.
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  • Resources – To bake a cake you need ingredients – and to bring an idea to life you need resources. Some you will already have while others need to be received. It is important that you don’t use a lack of resources as a reason not to start. Even if you need money, you can still get started – remember, small steps.
  • Your Goals – Know your goals and focus on why you want to start this new business. This is the fuel that will drive you to make your idea a reality and not to give up at the first hurdle. Is it a passion project? A service that is urgently needed? For many entrepreneurs it is currently necessary to create a source of income for themselves and their families.
  • Key Reviews – Have some key reviews and systems in place, as well as systems that will help you get a successful outcome. What has to happen regularly in order to turn your idea into reality? Do important team members meet regularly? Do you work with a coach to challenge your thinking and offer perspective? By creating systems, you simplify the process and allow consistency to ensure things get done.

Bernic unpacks some of the key points and personal traits that make dreams come true:

  • You need to be passionate about the idea – explore and pursue it, talk about it, guide it from others, and get feedback.
  • The belief and undying belief that the idea can make a difference in the world and in your own life is important. You can’t really support something if you don’t believe in it.
  • It takes courage to pursue the idea and take personal, professional, and financial risks.
  • The willingness to give everything to the new company until it flies – or possibly even fails – is also key.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are always able to continue their education, learning, research, and reading in order to improve their own knowledge and skills and to develop personally.