I’m a stay-at-home mum & started a side hustle while my kids napped

I’m a stay-at-home mum & started a side hustle while my kids napped

A STAY-AT-HOME mum has revealed a side hustle that makes her so much money that her husband doesn’t even have to go to work to support their family.

Mum of two Gi, revealed that she made £60,000 last year from print on demand products on Etsy and was able to work on her business while her children napped.

Gi said she earned £60k in the last yearCredit: tiktok@gi.etsyShe said that she and her husband are both able to stay at homeCredit: tiktok@gi.etsy

She said: “I’m an Aussie stay at home mum who has two girls under two.

“I did everything I could to not go back to work.

“I built an Etsy store at the beginning of 2023 and worked on it while my kids napped or slept.”

Gi revealed that she only worked 20-60 minutes a day but was able to earn so much that her husband quit his job and now both of them stay at home with their kids.

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“We go to the beach twice a day”, she said.

Gi said that she doesn’t even touch the Etsy order or products, adding that the income is now completely “passive”.

She added that she now helps other people to set up their own print on demand selling businesses on Etsy and sells online starter kits for £50.

The jobs also doesn’t require any qualifications or certifications so is a great place to start for stay-at-home mums.

Gi has been sharing tips and tricks via videos posted to her TikTok account @gi.etsy.

In one video, she shared how best to get started.

I wanted to be a stay-at-home mum so set up a side hustle that doesn’t need training or qualifications – and I even get tips

She said, all you need to do is sign up for an Etsy store and then head to Canva and sign up a free account.

Then you can either create a design yourself or buy a design for about £1.

Next, you can choose a print on demand partner and upload your design on to a product such as a mug or a hoodie.

Gi recommended using Printify or Printful.

Are you taxed on side hustle earnings?

Plenty of households are taking on side hustles such as babysitting or setting up an eBay store to boost their earnings.

And luckily, you can use a “trading allowance” which means you don’t have to pay tax on any yearly gross income of £1,000 or less.

However, if you do earn over the £1,000 threshold, you will have to declare it to HMRC.

You can claim a trading allowance via Self-Assessment on the Government’s website.

First you need to inform them you’re a sole trader and tell them how much you earn in income, when you started and who you are.

HMRC will then send you a UTR number which you can use to submit a Self-Assessment tax return.

The tax year runs from April 6 to April 5 of the following year, and the deadline to pay is the following January 31.

Then, you push the listing on your Etsy store and whenever someone buys your product, the print on demand partner will print and ship it for you so you don’t have to touch the product at all.

Gi’s video has likely left many impressed, as it has racked up over 302,000 followers on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts on Gi’s side hustle.

One user said: “I just want to work from home.

“I am a mum and I want this for me”.

Another user said: “I want to be able to work from home with my 17 month old little girl”.

A third user added: “I want to try this so bad”.

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