I quit my job thanks to my Amazon side hustle… and have now sold $1m of items


A COUPLE have shared how they sell $1 million worth of products on Amazon – and it’s easier than you think.

Jessica Larrew and her husband Cliff have been reselling for years and revealed how they make a living from their side hustle.


JJessica Larrew and her husband Cliff are Amazon resellersThe company offers low shipping costs compared to other companies


The company offers low shipping costs compared to other companiesCredit: AP

Speaking to sidehustlenation, Jess explained that finding the right product is bit of a treasure hunt.

She said: “When we go into a store, we don’t have any idea what we’re going to find.”

When looking for products to resell, Jessica and her husband say they tend to visit stores like BigLots and target certain sections.  

Jess said the key is finding cheap branded products as Amazon customers are more likely to recognise them.

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And with Christmas coming up, Jess added that seasonal goods and limited edition items can also return a healthy profit.

“We’re looking for something special,” she told the outlet.

The couple designate their time scanning 30-40 items in each of the isles using the Amazon seller app,

The app tells you how much the products are selling for on the website, and how much you’d make after the selling fees.

However Jessica and Cliff insist that you need to be careful when deciding what you choose to sell.

To begin with, a product must have at least 50% ROI, a minimum of $5 per sale and a sales rank under 150,000.

And when it comes to products, here are Jessica’s favourites:

Jessica recommends a few categories for new sellers:

  • Groceries – With the festive season just months away, Jess suggests items such as limited edition candies, cookies, and seasonal stuff sells well. Just be wary of the sell by date!
  • Health and Beauty – Shampoo, conditioner, face creams are also among the items that sell well. Jessica says that customers are willing to spend more for discontinued items so they can keep using their favourite brands.
  • Household Items – Jess says that shoppers love giving their homes a bit of TLC.  So sellers should find unique items that people would use to spruce up their property.   
  • Toys – Popular toys and games for kids are good sellers. But beware, this category is often closed to new sellers during holiday season.
  • Books – Used books sell well on Amazon. Jess suggests looking for niche-specific books, not mass-produced series because customers are less likely to find them elsewhere.

As a rule of thumb, Jessica also estimates she spends at least $1 per pound for shipping costs of these items.

However, their costs are considerably lower than other companies.

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