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Durban – When people think about what to do as a sideline to get extra income, they often look for what’s trending and that is usually online which has to do with ecommerce or drop shipping.

“I urge them to ignore this and focus on their skills created for a market, be it for walking dogs or teaching swimming,” said Nic Haralambous, author of the newly published book Start a Side Hustle: A playbook for a new economy, the Independent said on Saturday.

Nic Haralambous’ guide to have something on the side.

While praising the internet for accessing distant markets, he cautioned people to ignore information that Google was offering about ideas for sideline jobs, as many other people will respond to this advice that day and flood the market.

As an “obsessive entrepreneur” for the past 20 years, Haralambous also emphasized that secondary employment should be just that to supplement one’s income, rather than vehicles to make billions.

Haralambous recommended that people who start a sideline earn around R3,000 a month to supplement a salary and enable a more sustainable life.

While it takes mental adjustment, commitment, and time normally spent on weekend activities like friends and family, he pointed out that people need to debunk the myth that in order to build something sustainable you have to “suffer”.

Reaching out to companies that employ people with sideline jobs, Haralambous said that depending on the generation they were born into, they are either tough on not allowing sideline jobs or, as younger companies are realizing, it could attract employers to contribute stay with them and work harder.

Haralambous said he believed the economy, which could await 20 brutal years due to government imprisonment and deep-seated corruption in South Africa, needed small businesses so that more people would have more money to boost the economy.

Haralambous came into being at the end of his book and started an initiative through the website for those who want to start a sideline.

How to Start a Side Hustle: A New Economy Playbook is published by Tafelberg and is available at retail for R192.

The Independent on Saturday

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