How to look for treasure chests in Cayo Perico in GTA Online


Rockstar Games is extremely fond of collectibles, as evidenced by the seemingly infinite amounts of these in GTA Online. Collectibles are always a fun little side gig that players can engage in to earn a little extra cash on the side as well as explore the fascinating maps created by the publisher.

The most significant addition to GTA Online’s map came in the form of the Cayo Perico Island, the private compound and nerve center of El Rubio’s operations. Much to the chagrin of the fanbase, Cayo Perico isn’t exactly available for free roam in GTA Online but still has a load of collectibles.

These collectibles appear on the map as treasure chests, which can be found in 19 probable locations spread across the map of Cayo Perico.

How to look for treasure chests in Cayo Perico in GTA Online

These treasure chests spawn randomly and differently for each player in a GTA Online session and appear in any of the 19 locations. These areas are relatively easy to find and do not require much work outside of simply swimming or walking up to them.

However, players can only collect these while they are open for exploration, which means they can only look for these during the scope out missions. This map by GTA Online player u/space-potatoes should help players a lot in looking for treasure chests during their time on Cayo Perico.

The locations for the treasure chests in GTA Online (Image via u/space-potatoes, r/gtaonline)

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