How to add your pronouns to your Instagram profile


Instagram now allows users to add up to four pronouns to their Instagram profile, the company announced Tuesday.

Adding pronouns is completely optional, but if you do choose to add them, they’ll be displayed in faded text under your profile name. You may need to update your app to get access to this new feature, but once you have it, here’s how to add your pronouns from the Instagram app for both Android and iPhone.

Open your profile

First, navigate to your profile by clicking the small circle that contains your profile photo at the very bottom of the app on the right.

The first step to adding your pronouns is to navigate to your profile.

Image: mashable screenshot

Once there, you should click the “Edit Profile” bar, which appears under your name and above your photos.

Once you navigate to editing your profile, you can type in your pronouns.

Image: mashable screenshot

There you will see a “Pronouns” field, which you need to click on.

Select your pronouns

There are dozens of pronoun choices, but you can only choose four.

There are dozens of pronoun choices, but you can only choose four.

Image: mashable screenshot

Once you’ve opened the pronouns field, you can begin typing in your pronoun choices. As you type, the options will auto-populate, and you can select the appropriate pronouns. You can add up to four pronouns to your profile. 

If you only want your pronouns to be visible to your followers, click on the “Show to Followers Only” button. If you don’t turn that on, anyone will be able to see them. You can also change or remove your pronouns at any time. 

As Mashable reported on Tuesday, here are the pronouns you can currently choose from:

  • co / cos

  • e / ey / em / eir

  • fae / faer

  • he / him / his

  • she / her / hers

  • mer / mers

  • ne / nir / nirs

  • nee / ner / ners

  • per / pers

  • they / them / theirs

  • thon / thons

  • ve / ver / vis

  • vi / vir

  • xe / xem / xyr

  • ze / zie / zir / hir

Instagram is encouraging users who don’t see their pronoun listed to put it in their bio and inform the platform. 

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