How digital signage solutions can improve in-store marketing


Marketing doesn’t stop once the customer walks into the store. Then tools such as digital signage take on marketing tasks and complement what your other channels are already doing. Below are some ideas for using digital signage in your in-store marketing that will aid your overall marketing plan.

February 9, 2021

By Bob Sanders, COO, Reflect

Your marketing plan already includes a mix of advertising: TV, online and social media, print, mobile and others. But all of that is focused on marketing to buyers before they step into your store. What about in-store marketing?

Marketing doesn’t stop once the customer walks into the store. Then tools like digital signage take over marketing duties and complement what your other channels are already doing and complement the efforts of other channels. While it isn’t an exhaustive list, here are some ideas for using digital signage in your in-store marketing that will help your overall marketing plan.

Promote sales, product launches, and announcements

One of the most obvious and effective ways to use digital signage is through in-store promotions. Use this option to announce sales and special offers, launch and promote products, and make announcements about upcoming sales and special events. Now that customers are used to digital screens in retail, they expect content to keep them informed of the latest promotions and the next sale.

Screens can also create or increase product awareness, which is particularly useful in industries where the products are seasonal, such as fashion retail. Increase your sales by using signage to draw attention to products and offer special prices on products offered out of season, such as: B. the winter line, which needs to make room for the spring line.

Generate loyalty

Digital signage also gives you the opportunity to acquire loyal customers. News and content on a screen near the register can encourage shoppers to sign up for and take advantage of your loyalty programs and download mobile shopping apps. Near the register is also a great place to play the longer branded storytelling content. This not only involves the viewer, but also shortens the perceived waiting times and helps to consolidate a positive customer experience.

Screens near popular products with a place for customers can encourage people to sign up for your newsletter so customers can be notified of sales, specials, events, and news. This will also add names and addresses to your database so you can market your customers at home and on their mobile devices.

Upsell or cross-sell

Do you have a more expensive alternative to a popular product? Or complementary products that go well with something that the customer is already buying? Digital screens near product displays can enable upselling and cross-selling by notifying customers of alternative or additional products. Not only will you increase sales, but you will also improve the customer experience by showing customers more products they like.

to inform customers

New or unknown products or products that are complex to use sometimes need to be explained. Give your customers a little help. If you’re selling an item that could benefit from a tutorial, you can view an instructional video on a screen in the product display.

You can also view additional product information and answers to frequently asked questions. Having this information available on the product display can help customers answer their questions and make a purchase decision.

Build brand awareness and affinity

Today’s customers take the time to thoroughly research their purchases and want to know everything about a product. You can help satisfy their curiosity while creating an affinity for the brand by viewing digital clips about your brand identity and brand history. Brand storytelling is 22 times more memorable than just reciting facts and figures.

Empower your sales and customer support teams

Customer service is still a big differentiator between online and in-store purchases, and your digital screens can help enhance that experience. Something as simple as signposts and product directories will help customers find what they are looking for in the store and will improve their shopping experience. You can also provide additional customer support with screens that answer frequently asked questions or connect customers to a team member for assistance. The added benefit is that these screens look like you have extra staff on your staff, which frees up your staff
Members of the customer service team to solve more complex problems.

Digital signage is not only a valuable part of your in-business marketing strategy, but your overall marketing strategy as well. It will help you bridge the gap between your online and in-store presence, increase sales, and achieve marketing goals that are centered on customer experience.

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