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SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2021 / Cutco, the American-made knife company, was founded over 70 years ago in a small town in Western New York. Since the 1980s, they have been responsible for recruiting and instilling an unmatched work ethic in hundreds of thousands of youths across the nation. Vector Marketing is Cutco’s sales and marketing subsidiary responsible for recruiting, training, and developing college students and others who sell the products.

“We teach people about networking, communication, influencer marketing, and sales while providing hands-on leadership experience,” says Cutco executive Dan Casetta.

The company’s training and personal development programs have been so successful because they equip their students with real-life skills that cover a variety of areas. Not only do they teach students about sales and proper communication, but they also show them how to network and grow a business through social media and referral marketing. They provide their students with the hands-on leadership experience that, when experienced at a young age, has been proven to radically alter the trajectory of one’s life. Cutco understands the importance of a holistic business approach, so the program also teaches students the importance of financial management, emotional intelligence, and mindset.

There is an astounding number of entrepreneurs and business leaders who got their start with Cutco, learned invaluable skills and life lessons, and have gone on to do truly remarkable things. In his podcast, “Changing Lives Selling Knives,” Dan Casetta shares the stories of some of the nation’s most successful business leaders whose career foundation was built selling knives while in college. Guests have included a who’s who from a variety of industries across North America and beyond, including:

  • Andrew Bosworth, one of Facebook’s leading executives and the inventor of Facebook’s Newsfeed, sold Cutco knives for 2 Summers while attending Harvard, achieving College All-American status and ultimately becoming an Assistant Manager.
  • Chris George, the Founder, President & CEO of CMG Financial, also got his start selling Cutco knives nearly 40 years ago. His $25 billion mortgage company has been wildly successful with offices in all 50 states and has over 2000 employees.
  • Charlene Li, author of New York Times best-seller “Open Leadership” and her current book “The Disruption Mindset,” credits her experience selling Cutco as providing her with a foundation of knowledge for sales and business development.
  • Hal Elrod was influenced by Cutco leaders and peers to formulate the concepts for “The Miracle Morning” book series, which is so popular that it has transcended book sales to become a movement with millions of followers worldwide, and even a new movie that just released on 12/12/2020.
  • Lauren Gibbs, USA Olympic Silver Medalist in bobsled in the 2018 games in Korea, is another Cutco/Vector alum who credits a portion of her success to what she learned selling knives.
  • Lastly, some of the 2000’s greatest innovations can be tied to former Cutco representatives, including Michael Arrieta, who was a Global VP at DocuSign, and Michael Coscetta, Square’s former Global Head of Sales, who is now a C-level Executive helping to build the real estate technology company, Compass.

In each episode, Dan Casetta explores the unique experiences and decisions that contributed to each of his uber-successful guest’s journeys.

Dan is quick to point out that while everyone receives the same training, resources, and development, not everyone succeeds at Cutco/Vector.

“Just as a percentage of college students will drop out of college in their first year, so will a portion of our students decide to leave the program very early on.”

Vector Marketing is sometimes misclassified as an MLM (multi-level-marketing) company, but in reality, it is a single-level direct sales company in that representatives are trained and paid for their own personal results, with no compensation for sales reps for recruiting a downline. This makes the role of marketing and selling Cutco straightforward, though certainly not easy. Many people will realize that a job in sales is not right for them, while still others won’t be willing to put in the work or effort necessary to succeed. In this way, the opportunity to work at Cutco/Vector is truly a reflection of real life.

In a season in which many other companies have been forced to scale back or close their doors entirely, Cutco has experienced a record-breaking year in 2020. This success is largely due to the fact that they have “virtualized” every aspect of the business. They now train new recruits entirely virtually while still providing all the tools and resources necessary to master virtual sales. The company’s newly-evolved business model is truly at the forefront of the future of business, and students who work with Cutco are getting a big head-start on many of their peers.

Dan Casetta has been a longtime member of the Cutco and Vector Marketing team. He set records at a young age and became the most successful field manager in company history before advancing into an Executive role with the company, where today he runs his native Western Region. He is one of a handful of key players who had directly contributed to the company’s growth from $14 million just before he started to over $300 million in sales now. Casetta has coached sales reps, managers, and executives across the country, both in and out of Cutco. He’s looking forward to traveling again post-COVID, as he regularly speaks at events throughout the West Coast and at universities throughout the Bay Area. As a father of two and leader of many, his mission is to add value to the world and leave positive ripples everywhere he goes.

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