How Blue One Uses Social Media to Attract the Attention of Billionaires?


Blue One is the most sought-after fashion boutique of billionaires in Hamptons. But how did it reach such impressive heights? According to Jarret and Crystal, the owners of Blue One, it’s the power of social media that did wonders for their company. They started way back in 2007 when social media was still in infancy. The couple said in an interview, “Promoting our business is now much easier than before. Earlier, we only had to rely on referral marketing. But now, social media is helping us reach out to our target audience so that we can expand our business.”

Blue One’s Go-to Social Platforms

Blue One uses two of the most popular social media platforms to promote its products: Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is still going strong even after a decade. It keeps providing entrepreneurs with new opportunities to promote their products. Blue One uses both videos and images to make the Hamptons’ elites find what they are looking for.

Blue One uses two of the most popular social media platforms to promote its products: Facebook and Instagram.

Over the years, Facebook has changed its advertisement policies and international regulations. According to Business Insider’s latest statistics, Facebook accounts for 64% of social revenues and 50% social referrals. You can imagine the impact it has on Blue One, primarily since it caters to a relatively small customer group. DigitasLBi Commerce also pointed out that Facebook is responsible for influencing over 52% of online and offline purchases.

Blue One’s owners revealed that they made the most of social media marketing during the COVID-19 lockdown. Since their customers couldn’t visit their physical stores, they had to rely on online purchases only. As a result, Jarret and Crystal invested heavily in Facebook marketing to keep their customers updated about the launch of their latest collections. This bridged the gap between coming to the physical store and purchasing the merchandise customers liked.

Instagram, on the other hand, is the place where Blue One showcases its products extensively. Both Crystal and Jarret post pictures of their vacations. Their customers flood their inboxes with requests to bring the type of clothes the couple wears. The best part is the couples oblige the requests. They know that billionaires love to wear uniquely-designed garments and accessories. And if showing off their vacation pictures on social media can increase their sales, why not give it a shot?

Telling a story

Both Facebook and Instagram now have options to share your story. This allows you to share an image or short video. Instagram came up with this feature in 2018. Statista statistics show that more than 400 million users use the Story feature every day. Jarret and Crystal often share their vacation pictures and videos on Instagram stories. Those who follow Blue One also follow the couple. As already mentioned, the billionaires send requests to Crystal and Jarret to bring their clothes during vacations to their store. You can see how sharing an image or video on Instagram creates a viral response from the target audience.

Social media brings plenty of marketing opportunities. Blue One is the ideal example of how you can attract your target audience by leveraging the power of social media, even if you’re dealing with a particular set of customers.

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