How ad platforms are revolutionizing the way your favorite restaurants do business

How ad platforms are revolutionizing the way your favorite restaurants do business

Ad platforms are revolutionizing advertising for small and medium-sized restaurants, says Fabrizio Ajò (head of Glovo Partner Ads). Here’s how.

The restaurant sector is one that is enriched by its small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They not only offer a refreshing alternative in the market, but engage with the local communities on their doorstep in unrivalled ways – building bridges through employment, support, personalization and of course dining.

But in today’s business landscape, these restaurants are struggling with one major business fundamental – connecting with their customers. More than 90% of Glovo’s partners are SMEs and we understand that a lot of them are trying to set themselves apart from the competition, as well as survive in a digital world. Whether through their products or by creating a superior customer experience. But because they are often traditional brick and mortar establishments, serving a non-digital world, they are limited in how they do so.

What’s more, a lack of know-how makes writing a robust marketing plan and managing ads in a digital world – both necessities to remain at the forefront of customers’ minds in today’s world – increasingly complex. Yet one thing that’s changing all this is ad platforms.

How Glovo Partner Ads is opening the door to smarter and easier advertising for SMEs

Ad platforms represent a huge opportunity for smaller, more local businesses to reach ready-to-buy customers and increase their sales in a way that’s never before been open to them. Traditionally the route to growth for these businesses has been limited by a lack of digital infrastructure. But ad platforms can help them thrive and grow, and empower them to identify and, crucially, target their customers in a completely new way.

Glovo Partner Ads goes even further in revolutionising the way your favorite restaurants do business, giving its owners access to highly targeted customers who exist in the sweet spot for SMEs, i.e. they are thinking about food and, in that moment, are ready to purchase. The benefits of this kind of targeted marketing continue as it is easy-to-use, offering remarkable return on ad spend (ROAS) and being able to attract new customers – all while increasing sales and brand awareness with greater accuracy.

Still, despite this, there’s no denying that the focus of local restaurant owners is best kept on their customers. This is why – and the clue is in the name – choosing the right partner is so key to cooking up something special. The right one understands the business inside out, can work with them to build a solution that can be customized to their requirements, and crucially, target a positive return.

Why partnership remains a key ingredient to business success

What an SME does best is resonate with the community and citizens on its doorstep. This could mean using locally sourced ingredients, serving local needs and appetites, and much more. When it comes to working with a partner, what’s crucial is that businesses don’t lose this element of local engagement – but find new innovative ways to deliver it.

The more businesses put into ad platforms, the more they’ll get out of it. But a good partner will keep the guardrails up to ensure any learning curve isn’t too steep, and that any mistakes made along the way aren’t costly.

Glovo for instance offers its partners a self-service platform that gives SMEs the balance they crave. Through assets such as the Glovo Ads Management Portal, businesses can enter simple, but critical details, such as an ad campaign start date, total budget, daily investment, etc. – and then start to enjoy the benefits within these parameters. Not only this but because the tool is simple and easy to use, this can all be done without the need for in-depth marketing knowledge or technical know-how.

Giving SMEs a helping hand

SMEs are critical to the global business ecosystem. According to the United Nations (UN), they account for 90% of all businesses globally, creating 70% of all jobs and contributing half of global GDP. Not to mention bringing a vast amount of choice, character and much-needed competition to the industry. Glovo Partner Ads is one way of ensuring these brick and mortar restaurants retain their individuality but can also thrive and grow.

At Glovo, our mission is to continue to match the right customer to the right restaurant. Partner Ads empower us to do this and bring people throughout the world to the best local experiences in their city and or neighborhood.

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