Ho-Chunk Nation wants the business opportunities in La Crosse | expand news


“I think it would be great if the Ho-Chunk took part in the River Point District,” said Blair Williams of Wired Properties, lead developer on the project. “We are confident that the Ho Chunk Nation will be able to deliver the highest quality and quality development.”

The group is considering building a multi-purpose high-rise building that will house commercial office and retail space on the first floor, a regional office for the Ho-Chunk Nation and meeting rooms for youth services on the second floor, and the top four apartments – on five floors.

“Living is always in demand,” said Sam Bachmeier from LADCO. “There is a housing shortage in the La Crosse region. Regardless of the current economic situation, people always need a place to live.”

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.


Marlon WhiteEagle, President of the Ho Chunk Nation, said, “We will meet the housing needs in the La Crosse area and provide a meeting place and youth services for our tribesmen and children.

“The Three Rivers House in La Crosse has been our regional office for many years and now might be a good time to bring our staff to a new and exciting facility.”

The Mayor of La Crosse, Tim Kabat, endorses the proposal as announced by Ho-Chunk and advocates the creation of a tax-free package for the tribe’s new development.