Goodwill and dedicated marketing will rule: Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Brilloca


Time and again, brands have researched changing consumer behavior and accordingly made strategic changes to their marketing plans to renew reach and engagement. This was the cross-industry trend. Brand Hindware has also conducted rigorous research using traditional and modern tools to understand the “white space” in the marketplace, and consumers need to come to this innovative new positioning called “Thoughtful is Beautiful”. This new campaign aims to show how innovative, performance-driven product solutions that provide convenience to consumers are the real beauty.

The film series conceived by MagicCircle Communications redefines the category convention and begins a conversation about the brand’s focus on innovation through technology.

Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Operating Officer of Brilloca Limited, interacted with exchange4media to discuss more about the newly launched campaign, changed marketing strategies and resuscitation plans.

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How has Covid affected the business? How did the brand manage in times like these?

After the lockdown, as the markets started to open, we saw a slow rise but the past few months have been good. Our sanitary ware and faucet business has hit nearly 95% of pre-Covid-19 levels, which is in line with the industry’s recovery history. We hope for a full recovery by fiscal year 22.

The pandemic has bought a new normal – the acceleration of technological integration across product categories. Additionally, adapting to transforming challenges into opportunities is the new mantra for ensuring business continuity. We have quickly adapted to the changing needs of the new market and have accordingly initiated several initiatives for our partner network that will help them change gears in the phase after the lockdown. We have also expanded our non-contact portfolio focused on technological innovation and excellence to meet the growing demand for non-contact products in the new normal.

Shed some light on the new brand campaign. What was the inspiration behind it?

Brand Hindware has conducted rigorous research using traditional and emerging tools to understand the “white space” in the marketplace, and consumers need to come to this innovative repositioning, “Thoughtful is Beautiful”. Hindware and Hindware Italian Collection products were developed with today’s India in mind. Because of this, ‘Thoughtful is Beautiful’ is a fitting positioning and the idea has been brought to life through a number of films.

What marketing strategies were used for the campaign? Who is your target audience?

The campaign will run across TV, radio, digital, online and social media channels. We have created a multilingual TV and digital platform for languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam to reach a wide audience in the country. We understand the rise of OTT as an entertainment medium. To reach the TG, our campaign will be broadcast on OTT platforms such as Hotstar & SonyLiv. In addition, we are running a retail promotion and hyper-local activities. To further strengthen the campaign, we use social media tools like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to inspire the brand.

The blocking has changed consumer behavior significantly. What changes have you observed in your segment? Can we see these changes as permanent shifts?

Consumers are once again focusing on health and safety, which means they are ready to invest in technologically advanced products that support safety and cleaning practices. The current situation is significantly accelerating the introduction of non-contact, contactless products. This is especially important in bathrooms at home and outside, which is why consumers are switching to non-contact bath products in this new normal. As a result, sales of touchless faucets and sensor-controlled products such as urinals and water closets have increased significantly. We recently launched environmentally friendly non-contact faucets under the Hindware Italian Collection brand and have seen great demand since their launch. However, consumers also want aesthetically pleasing products, and our full range under the Italian Hindware and Hindware collections is a mix of unmatched technology and design. I believe the changes will be permanent as customers will continue to value safety and hygiene. The new normal will not be the old normal.

What new marketing interventions have emerged lately? What are the new marketing trends?

Goodwill and purpose-driven marketing will be the rule. Brands are now going to fit into consumers’ lives to make it easier. Brand trust will be crucial.

UGC is proof of security before you connect with the brand. it’s the new word of mouth. Influencers will play a key role, especially micro and nano influencers.

Brands and products will play a key role in sustainability.

Digital business pivots are becoming more permanent and therefore important to complement the entire traditional media mix.

What are the most important growth drivers in your industry?

Last year has been an unprecedented year, change has happened faster than ever, and this includes consumer expectations, behaviors and habits. As consumers become more sophisticated and have access to information anytime, anywhere, their expectations are higher than they were before. Rapid urbanization and the significant growth in the housing sector will be one of the key factors for growth. In addition, as lifestyles and living standards change, there is an increased demand for luxurious and ergonomically designed sanitary ware and faucets that are convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing.

What are your resuscitation plans after Covid? What is your advice to the marketing community?

We have channeled our efforts and investments to maximize growth and profitability. While design and technical innovations that encourage minimal contact have influenced consumer decisions, in the changed normalcy, digitization has become one of the most important factors for business continuity in companies. In order to meet the needs of the hour within the company, we have set up two virtual townhalls in our dealer network – ‘Digital Charcha’ – and equipped over 500 dealer partners with several digital initiatives and programs to improve customer communication. We have implemented simple consumer funding systems in our branded stores to make paying in EMIs easier. We are increasingly investing in digital endeavors to reach consumers in every possible way.

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