Facebook will now let you export posts directly to Google Docs and WordPress


Ever wish you could easily export all your Facebook posts and notes onto a completely different platform?

Well, now you can!

On Monday, Facebook announced a few new data portability options that allow you to seamlessly transition the content you’ve written on the social network onto platforms made for writing. Specifically, Facebook has built in an option to transfer your posts and notes into Google Docs as well as two popular blogging platforms, WordPress.com and Blogger.

Facebook already offers options to export your data to your local hard drive. That’s great if you just want to back up your content. However, it could take a while to take that content and re-post it on a blog or document for repurposing. Now, with the ability to transfer posts and notes data to a new platform, you can bring your archives with you to a new public platform quickly and efficiently.

Facebook announced back in 2019 that it was working on new ways to support data portability between its platforms and other services. The social media giant began its data portability commitment by providing its users with an option to transfer photos and videos directly to storage platforms such as Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr. 

Now, as of April 19, Facebook users can export their posts and notes to Google Docs, WordPress.com, and Blogger as well. 

To start the process, you simply need to go to “Your Facebook Information” in Settings. After that, click on “Transfer Your Information,” enter your password, and then select the type of data and the service you want it transferred to. From there, you just need to enter your password for the service you’re transferring to and then click “Confirm Transfer.”

There are some important caveats when it comes to what will be transferred. For example, posts that include photos and videos will transfer with the media content. However, only content visible on the profile of the user and uploaded by the user requesting the transfer will be moved. Content that a user posts on a friend’s profile will not be transferred. Content uploaded by a friend, even if the user requesting the transfer is tagged, will also not be moved with the rest of this data.

Still, the option to take your photos, videos, and now written content to another service is a welcome move for those who may be thinking about deleting their Facebook account and moving off the platform once and for all.

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