EV owners can get free ultra-fast charging on Earth Day


Electric vehicle owners get free charging on Earth Day. 

The Electrify America charging network is offering free ultra-fast charging sessions across the country starting at midnight ET Thursday through 3 a.m. ET Friday. 

Electrify America has 569 stations, including along a cross-country route. Those stations have 2,500 fast-charger plugs in total. Those usually take about 30 minutes to add up to 180 miles of battery compared to slower “Level 2” charging that only gives you about 15 miles of range after 30 minutes. Some Electrify America plugs can charge even faster, but most EVs can’t take in energy that quickly. The fast chargers are similar to those in Tesla’s Supercharger network. 

A normal session on an Electrify America fast charger costs $0.43 per kWh in California. A Chevy Bolt EV, for example, has a 66 kWh battery with 259 miles of range, so a fast session on a dead battery would add up to $28 after about 40 minutes of charging. That’s a nice chunk of change to save on Earth Day. Drivers with a plug-in hybrid can also use the free charging.

Plug it in.

Electrify America plans to install 150 more stations with 3,500 plugs by the end of 2021. Earlier this year, President Joe Biden announced funding for more charging infrastructure throughout the U.S. to speed up EV adoption.

To find an Electrify America location for a free Thursday “fill-up,” head to the website or download the Electrify America app. 

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