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The end of January is when most people give up their New Year’s resolutions, but for Jillian Tedesco, the founder and CEO of Fit-Flavors, setting a date, a resolution and a life change stick is far more than the calendar.

Tedesco started in the fitness industry at a young age and soon realized that creating a healthy lifestyle requires changes in both the kitchen and the gym. So she started preparing meals for customers in her kitchen.

It started and soon she was making hundreds of meals and running out of space in the refrigerator. After attending cooking school, she decided to convert her side gig into a full-time business. There are now four Fit Flavors locations in St. Louis, with a fifth coming to Sunset Hills this spring.

As you walk into the store, you are greeted with walls of refrigerators filled with prepackaged, pre-portioned meals to suit any health goal. But Jillian shares that achieving and sticking to goals is so much about mental thinking.

She shares tips and tricks with the lessons she learned after hitting what she thought was rock bottom.

To find out more about Fit-Flavors, visit the website: fit-flavors.com/

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