Entrepreneur Steve Grear Discusses Reshoevn8r’s New Initiative



Reshoevn8r the leading shoe care brand for sneakerheads has launched a new initiative to create sneakerhead side hustles. Due to COVID-driven unemployment and resale sneaker markets, Reshoevn8r has announced the Reshoevn8r Executive Club. The Knockturnal spoke with entrepreneur Steve Grear about Reshoevn8r  and the sneaker cleaning side hustle within the executive club. 

The Knockturnal: How did Reshoevn8r get started? 

Steve Grear: Growing up, I was always into sneakers. There was nothing like the feeling I got lacing up a new pair of shoes. My mom was a single mom, and we didn’t have a lot of extra money for things like “cool sneakers”. I learned from early on that if I wanted the sneakers I had to last, I had to find a way to take care of them. 

I had tested out every product imaginable and found there wasn’t a product that was working as well as the process that I had come up with. 

After cleaning my sneakers, I would put them into the washing machine in a pillowcase. This method was protecting the shoes from scuffing, but it was also helping to scrub the shoes during the cycle. The difficult part of this was trying to get the knot untied from the pillowcase when the laundry cycle was completed. 

It was one of those nights when I was cleaning multiple pairs of sneakers, it was getting late and I was becoming overly frustrated that I wasn’t able to get the knot out of the bag that my aha moment happened. 

There had to be a better way to do this, and improve the process. It started to click — if I was this interested in a more effective shoe cleaner, there had to be other people as well. After what felt like years of research, which was more like weeks, I decided I was going to go at this project with everything I had. There wasn’t anything else on the market that compared to what I was looking for – I was going to make it. 

The Knockturnal: What was it like partnering with KYX.World for the giveaway of Air Max 90 “bacon”? 

Steve Grear: I love partnering with other brands that promote a hype sneaker culture. Reshoevn8r is more than just sneakers, and sneaker cleaners. We are an all-encompassing company who stays ahead of trends, gets into the culture, and pushes the boundaries… This is exactly what KYX World is doing. What Kyx World is doing is so much more than just a subscription model, it’s a cultural shift that allows all consumers the ability to rent sneakers for a fraction of the cost of actually purchasing them. The Air Max 90 Bacon was released back in 2004. Nike re-released it for Air Max day this year and it was a huge hit in my opinion. It’s a classic design, a comfortable sneaker and has an interesting colorway.

The Knockturnal: Please walk us through the steps of caring for sneakers, that may have creases, scuff marks, etc? 

Steve Grear: This is somewhat of a loaded question only because it really depends on the sneaker and the condition of them. I will say that keeping shoe trees in your shoes when you’re not wearing them will definitely help minimize creasing if that is something that is a concern based on the shoe and material. Additionally, it helps to clean your shoes on a regular basis to avoid stains, etc we offer a variety of products to care for all materials to keep your shoes looking their best. There are a few tricks to buffing out scuffs that you can find on our YouTube Channel where we have hundreds of videos on shoe care. 

The Knockturnal: In your opinion, What is the best pair of sneakers to wear in the summer and spring? 

Steve Grear: Personally, I like to wear low top, breathable shoes in the summer because of the heat here in AZ. I typically wear Nike AirMax 1’s, Adidas Ultraboost 1.0, low-top dunks, Adidas NMD, but it really all depends on what outfit I’m wearing so it all depends. 

The Knockturnal: Have there been any challenges that have come along with entrepreneurship?

Steve Grear: Today seems like a world away from where I was ten years ago. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a huge “Reshoevn8r Day” in August of 2020. I sometimes have a hard time talking about the journey from cleaning shoes and selling them on eBay, to the company I have today. 

In late April of 2020, we launched a full-scale rebrand that elevated the entire business. This was right when the Covid-19 Pandemic was starting to shut down businesses in the United States, but we went through with it because of how much stronger it made the brand. Through constant improvement, and not getting complacent, we have continued to grow year after year even with the current challenges that a lot of businesses are going through at the moment. 

The first few years were definitely not for the faint of heart, but with undeniable grit and resilience, we weathered the storm and slowly started to grow the business. I think you need to be completely and overwhelmingly obsessed with whatever it is you are trying to do. Self-doubt, being scared, overwhelmed, and panicking was all part of the process, but I never once doubted that my product was the best. If you are going to beat the odds and create something that is going to be successful and last your belief in your product cannot waiver. Reshoevn8r was all I thought about from sun up to sun down and I put in more hours than most people are willing to dedicate to anything, and that is what has made me successful.

The challenges that I’ve faced have come around finding the right people to continue to move the company forward. I have this amazing core group of people around me that believes in pushing the boundaries. Our motto around the office is “all in”. It doesn’t matter what area of the business you work in, accounting, marketing, production, product development — you have to be bought into the mission and the understanding that we will continue to grow as hard and fast as we put work into the concept, ideas, and execution of our brand. 

The Knockturnal: Where can people find your business and the other Certified Shoe Care, Specialist? 

Steve Grear: We have an amazing online presence at www.reshoevn8r.com. Our product descriptions, photos, and displays are a great start to get you going on your sneaker cleaning journey. If people are looking for step-by-step tutorials, our award-winning Youtube channel is the place to go. Our sneaker cleaning experts put out videos weekly around how to clean the most delicate, hype, and old sneakers. 

We just started our own be your own boss business bundle called the “Executive Club” that gives you all the tools that you need to create your own sneaker cleaning business. It’s a subscription-based model that will get you shoe care certified in no time at all! 

If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area we have a retail location with a drop-off sneaker cleaning service. All you will need to do is drop off your sneakers and come back in a couple days and they will be looking great. I spoke about our innovative thinking, and staying on-trend, and really pushing the boundaries — we are in the process of creating a new program that will help out of state sneaker loves get their kicks cleaned… you’ll have to stay tuned for more information in the next coming weeks. Follow us on our social media channels to see all of our updates. 

The Knockturnal: When training people as an executive club member to become a Certified Shoe Care specialist, how does it make you feel when other people become their own boss? 

Steve Grear: I’m trying to think of a word more powerful than “prideful”… I think fulfilling? Or even gratified? I really enjoy being able to come to work every day knowing that the products, education, and tutorials that we are putting out is helping someone further their goals in life. The Executive Club membership is for anyone… It can turn into a full-time business, a side hustle or you could just have so many sneakers you want to learn how to clean and care for them yourself.

The Knockturnal: How often should someone clean/ have maintenance on their shoes? 

Steve Grear: Great question, some people clean them after each wear. This is really a personal preference, but for people that like to keep their shoes looking good, I would suggest every 8-10 normal wears. Again it really just all depends on where you live and what you are doing I guess and how dirty they are getting each time. 

The Knockturnal: Where do you see your business in 5 to 10 years? 

Steve Grear: The next five to ten years are going to be really exciting for Reshoevn8r. The first 10 years were really just a warmup for what is about to happen. I have an amazing group of dedicated people around me right now, who are going to continue to push the boundaries of what is expected of a “sneaker cleaning company”. 

Reshoevn8r is going to be heavily investing in our international presence over the next couple years while continuing to build up our influencers in those markets as well. We will continue to surround ourselves with people who believe in our product, believe in our brand, and are going to be speaking the truth about it when they are talking to their audiences. 

We have been in the lab lately designing new products, testing different markets, and really looking to expand our audience as well. In the next 12-24 months our plan for global expansion will begin to come to fruition and we will have more products to showcase the Reshoevn8r brand.

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