Entrepreneur Naman Arora is setting trends with his out-of-the-box business tactics


Unique business ideas often find success because they serve a niche market. Delhi-based entrepreneur Naman Arora left no stone unturned in attracting a group of clients who needed something that other companies weren’t providing. Currently, Naman successfully operates Data Art Information Technology, an agency engaged in the development and management of social media apps, IT network services and infrastructure, software design, web design and much more. The entrepreneur achieved success at a young age. His willingness, urge and eagerness to strive for perfection have made him stand out among his contemporaries. The ability to think outside the box to meet customer demands and meet their needs has turned out to be in favor of Naman Arora and how. Naman began working tirelessly 14 to 16 hours a day for two years until he saw the well-deserved success of his career. He says, “The silence of my hard work has made the noise of success pretty big.” And we couldn’t agree with this dashing businessman anymore. About growth and success, Naman says: “I will continue to become a better person and grow as a better person. Real growth isn’t about having more money, luxury cars, or any money. Every day I try to learn something new and make people smile, meditate and connect more deeply with my soul. Investing time to understand myself better brings me peace and happiness, which for me means real growth and success. ”
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