Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach Jessica Aviles Shares Her Perspectives on Wealth and Wellness in Business


Businesswoman and mental health advocate Jessica Aviles has put her own spin on entrepreneurship, helping others find financial freedom while creating a community of confidence, awareness and wellness amongst her colleagues and clients. Here’s how!

Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, Jessica lived in different cities in the Jersey area throughout her adolescence. Her first employment was in high school at a Fossil outlet selling watches. She enjoyed the challenges in the sales based environment, but ultimately left the job and a managerial position to begin University. Jessica completed her undergraduate at Stockton University and finished grad school at Kean University where she obtained her Master’s in speech language pathology.

Completing her education to obtain a degree for a fulfilling profession, Jessica began work as a speech language pathologist while unexpectedly taking her first step into entrepreneurship, through a haircare product she had purchased.

“Because I have celiac disease, I have to be really careful with what I use on my hair and skin, and I couldn’t find anything that was natural or for me. Then I came across one of my friends who was talking about these products and I decided to try them. 8 months down the line, I found a fellow speech therapist on Instagram and saw that she was using the same brand, so I reached out to her and learned about the business opportunity and how she was able to create an additional source of income for herself.”

To date, Jessica has created her own business through Modern Nature (Monat), called Prolific, where she works with like-minded individuals with the collective goal of creating multiple streams of income for themselves, while building a community and culture that Jessica says revolves around inclusivity, positive mental health and providing naturally based hair care, skincare and wellness solutions to the masses.

When discussing the objectives behind Prolific, Jessica says:

“We’re helping people make the switch to healthier options for their hair, skin and wellness, by finding something that’s specific to personal needs and goals that are naturally based. We focus on our ability to help someone feel more confident about themselves in finding something that actually works for them, in addition to our ability to provide an opportunity where a person is able to not only gain financial stability or an additional source of income, but become part of a community of people that strive to help others feel their best.”

As a prominent advocate for positive mental health, growing up Jessica experienced her own challenges and difficulties that she only gained a better understanding of later in life. Jessica says she was referred to as shy, or the quiet and sensitive girl, and had a hard time learning in school, especially abstract concepts like math and word problems.

When discussing the changes she underwent through her entrepreneurial journey and learning more about her own mental health, Jessica says:

“When I went to grad school, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and a learning disability in processing. So it was interesting to see the turnaround in life, that I wasn’t shy and I wasn’t a sensitive girl. I always had something going on with me, but I didn’t know what it was until later in life. And that was a moment where I was really able to understand myself and all those past experiences. That has really helped me to navigate having anxiety, and also show people that there’s nothing wrong with what you feel or who you are, you can still do all the things that you want to do.”

On a day to day basis, Jessica’s typical daily routine involves balancing her personal time between her work as a speech language pathologist and growing her businesses by providing 1-1 social media consultation and bringing in more and more individuals to Prolific to join the community of building a better financial future. In growing her business, Jessica says one of the biggest challenges was working with individuals with different mindsets and belief systems and figuring out how to connect with those individuals so you can grow together. Jessica says that to succeed in this business you must be willing to work on yourself constantly and be coachable to new information – two characteristics that cannot be taught. Undergoing personal growth is the key to seeing a positive shift in not only your financials, but all aspects of your life. Her other advice for new entrepreneurs? Keep reading:

Understand that everything is temporary. “Feelings, moments, places, time, it doesn’t last forever. Remind yourself that you’ve gotten through hard times before and you can get through it again, it’s just about being able to navigate what works for you, and understanding that this tough time will pass, just like it did before.”

Do not compare your journey to that of others. “Your day one is not equivalent to someone’s year in a business or organization. So focus on yourself and your own journey, doing things at your own pace. Everyone works differently and you have to do what’s genuine and what connects to you, taking time to study and learn. No one else will ever walk a day in your shoes, have a moment in your mind or ever understand who you are. You’re the only person that knows that and decides that. So forget what anyone else is doing and just focus on yourself and your own lane.”

Try and do. “Learn new information, then try it, then make it a habit or part of your work ethic. If you don’t try and take action from the things that you’re learning, you’re not going to get anywhere. Just keep that cycle of trying and doing and things will happen.”

So what does the future for Jessica Aviles look like? Jessica wants to continue expanding her business to help thousands of people fulfil their personal goals while obtaining financial abundance. Jessica plans to continue to help entrepreneurs build their brand while also venturing into motivational speaking, capitalizing on her past success and experience. With the amazing things Jessica has accomplished so far, there’s no doubt we will be seeing more innovative ideas on business, mental health and personal growth from her in the very near future.

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