Earn extra cash with 20 Side Hustles that pay $ 20 an hour


February 12, 2021 9 min read

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The business world is constantly evolving and one of the more extraordinary developments in recent years has been the surge in side business. 70 million Americans – 45 percent of the workforce – have a sideline. Whether they’re trying to make a little extra money or get a little more experience in a skill they’re looking to improve, many Americans are not satisfied with just one job. As the momentum of sideline employment increases, now is a good time to learn how to start a sideline. If you do, however, you should know what your time is worth.

We’ve rounded up 20 side hustles that pay at least $ 20 an hour, thanks to research from Upwork – one of the most popular platforms for freelancers to find work – and added resources to help you learn that side hustle. Look at her.

1. Graphic Designer – Salary Range: $ 15- $ 150 / hour

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of a graphic designer. Seasoned designers have spent considerable time learning the tools in the field and optimizing their workflow, and the workload is often substantial. An entire marketing campaign probably has five or six channels to focus on.

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2. Social Media Manager – Salary Range: $ 14 to $ 35 per hour

The jobs for social media managers vary widely based on demand. However, if you have some experience marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, you can cover more ground and earn a higher salary. You also need to know how to use both paid and organic campaigns.

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3. Photo Retoucher – Salary Range: $ 12- $ 25 / hour

Retouching photos is typically less touch sensitive, so a more basic knowledge of popular programs like Photoshop or Lightroom will go a long way. If you retouch photos just lightly, you can do a lot in a limited time. While the hourly rate may be lower, you can also charge per batch.

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4. Video Editor – Salary Range: $ 15- $ 30 / hour

Video marketing is booming these days. Most companies don’t have a video team to really scale their operations, however, so they outsource to video editors. This way, you can acquire a lot of customers while doing some relatively light video editing.

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5. Business Consultant – Salary Range: $ 28 to $ 98 an hour

“Business consultant” is a pretty nebulous term because consultants can help companies do a lot. That is why the cost range is so variable. Consultants can advise companies on all aspects of their business or they can simply be brought in on a single project they are more knowledgeable about. In both cases, advice allows you to use the expertise you already have and use it for more income.

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6. Accountant – Salary Range: $ 12- $ 32 / hour

Every business needs accountants, but very few small businesses have their own accountants. This means that there are significant outside employment opportunities for accountants. Things like paying for everyday expenses, tracking forms of income, balancing bank accounts, billing clients, preparing financial statements, and filing taxes are all things accountants can do for businesses that can affect how much Accountants get paid.

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7. Digital Marketer – Salary Range: $ 15 to $ 45 an hour

Digital marketers are similar to social media managers in that they can make more money if they can manage more marketing channels. If you are familiar with social media marketing, as well as email marketing, SEO, and video marketing, you are in great shape. Everyone could use a little help building their brand online.

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8. Logo Designer – Salary Range: $ 15- $ 30 / hour

Whether they’re just starting out or working on scaling, businesses need a great logo to scale. While the work may not be as extensive as that of graphic designers, logos could coexist with companies for decades, creating a memorable image that consumers can instantly recognize – which is a very important job. This is why most of the people pay competitive prices for great logo design.

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9. Project Manager – Salary Range: $ 19- $ 45 / hour

Project managers need to acquire certifications to demonstrate their skills in various methods, which is why they can have such a premium rate. You can also oversee a wide variety of projects, from software development to the launch of a new product. For many businesses, especially nowadays, it is vital that projects get on time and under budget. That is why project managers are in demand.

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10. SEO Expert – Salary Range: $ 15- $ 35 / hour

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often a budget-friendly way for companies to generate new leads and increase brand awareness. The implementation of a solid search engine optimization, however, requires professional tinkering on both a technical and a content level. The better you understand Google’s algorithms and how SEO works, the more money you can make.

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11. Excel Expert – Salary Range: $ 12 to $ 30 per hour

You can get an exponential amount of things done with Excel, so it makes sense that the salary range for Excel experts would be very different. If you just manage data entry, you will earn less. If you use Excel to do complicated data analysis and save someone time by automating workflows for them, you’ll be doing a lot more.

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12. Google Analytics Expert – Salary Range: $ 15 to $ 40 per hour

Google Analytics is an extremely valuable tool for any online business. While it is relatively easy to use, the casual user won’t get as much information from GA’s charts and graphs as an expert. After all, analytics is critical to business growth. So they pay to get the help they need.

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13. Accountant – Salary Range: $ 11- $ 25 / hour

Every business needs accounting services in order not to go crazy in tax season. Bookkeeping is also one of the easiest things to outsource. So if you manage a few clients, you can make real money fast – especially if you know how to use some of the leading programs like QuickBooks.

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14. Copywriter Salary Range: $ 19- $ 45 / hour

Copywriters throw up a very wide web of the types and levels of services they can provide. Just think about all the emails and articles flying around the internet – they are all from copywriters. You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great copywriter. You just need to know a few tricks of the trade.

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15. Email Marketer – Salary Range: $ 15 to $ 40 per hour

Email marketers are not exactly the same as copywriters in that they may not write anything. Instead, email marketers help control email marketing campaigns, manage a content calendar, and more. Email is still king, so email marketers are in demand almost all the time.

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16. HTML Developer – Salary Range: $ 15 to $ 30 an hour

HTML is one of the most important programming languages ​​on the web because it determines how text elements are displayed on web pages. Any business with a website needs HTML help to make their websites more responsive and easier to navigate.

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17. Front End Developer – Salary Range: $ 15 to $ 35 per hour

Front-end development is a big one, which is why front-end developers can do more than HTML developers. Front-end development refers to everything on a website that the visitor sees and interacts with. That means front-end developers need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some other responsive programming languages.

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18. QuickBooks Consultant – Salary Range: $ 15-30 per hour

QuickBooks consultants are in high demand at this time of year. Why? It’s tax season! QuickBooks is the world’s leading accounting software that makes filing your taxes particularly easy.

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19. Business Plan Writer – Salary Range: $ 25 to $ 75 an hour

When they’re just starting out, many entrepreneurs don’t know how to create a business plan. Chances are you’ve run a business before, so you know something about writing a business plan. People pay a pretty penny for seasoned experts who can help them outline their business and create a clear mission statement that will help them make money, get products to market, and more.

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20. UI Designer – Salary Range: $ 20- $ 40 / hour

UI / UX stands for User Interface and User Experience, two basic web design elements. UI and UX are combined to make websites more (or less) usable. Of course, businesses want usable websites so that they will happily pay experienced designers to make better use of their websites.

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