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You can transform a side hustle into wealth-creating machine if know how to game it

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Dec 04, 2021  •  1 day ago  •  2 minute read Photo by Christian Wiediger /Unsplash

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Amazon has a lot going on. Regardless of your thoughts on its founder, when a company has taken over the e-commerce and data storage markets, there’s money to be made. Over time, one of the most common ways for everyday people to get in on Amazon’s business has been through dropshipping , the practice of selling merchandise you don’t hold inventory on by having it shipped directly from the supplier to the customer.

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The Great Amazon Flip-a-Thon

What began as a somewhat popular side hustle has grown into a billion-dollar industry. In what it dubs The Great Amazon Flip-a-Thon, the New York Times points out a growing trend of investment firms buying up popular Amazon listings, and flipping them, creating a lot of new millionaires along the way. If you’re interested in dropshipping, you might take this as a discouraging trend, imagining that as a solo investor, you’ll lose opportunities to these major firms.

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Why growth is great for everyone

As more and more companies get into dropshipping, the power and breadth of Amazon’s listings will continue to increase. As online shopping booms, so will your chances of running a profitable shop on the platform. You just need to know how to operate in an effective and professional manner, because, yes, now you will be selling alongside some of the most successful dropshipping agencies in the world.

How to get up to speed on Amazon FBA dropshipping

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