Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl ad “5 to 9”


5 to 9 by Dolly Parton – Extended | Big Game Commercial 2021 | placeWhen you work between 5 and 9 you have passion and a vision because it is a hectic time, a whole new way of living. You will change your life and do something that gives it meaning. With a website worth dreaming of from 5 to 9 You continue to work Work work 5 to 9 Until your dreams …2021-02-02T11: 59: 50Z

On Sunday, a Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace will feature a reinterpretation of Dolly Parton’s hit, re-titled “5 to 9”.

As NBC News notes, this is Parton’s first Super Bowl ad. The outlet writes, “Rather than paying homage to the spirit of the original song that had nothing to say about the exploitative nature of everyday life, the Squarespace commercial offers a thin ode to the side business. The office workers are portrayed as overjoyed to keep working after hours, their side jobs are portrayed as liberating, fun and fulfilling, and the song itself encourages them to ‘be your own boss, climb your own ladder’. “

The commercial was directed by Damien Chazelle from La La Land.

Here’s what you need to know:

The commercial is criticized

Although the commercial has not yet aired on national television, 5 to 9 have received criticism from a number of outlets. Slate wrote that “on the surface, nothing about this ad is so deep” that it is very “wrong” given the time.

They write, “The commercial will air and the world will move on, but the fact remains that Parton – an artist rightly hailed as one of the most skillful, altruistic and generous artists of all time – one of the most powerful and weakest lovers, Messages behind their own work as they dress it up as a tribute. And while the new texts are clever, the old ones feel much more in tune with what many are going through when they report record unemployment, turn their kitchens into bakeries, their cars into taxis, their houses into unbooked hotels and empty: it’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it. “

In a separate article, the New York Times wrote that the remake is “not quite as powerful as the original”.

The New York Times continues to acknowledge that women are disproportionately affected in the midst of a global recession and that working mothers “fall apart at the seams.”

Stanford sociologist Marianne Cooper told the outlet, “This ad targets a population that I’m not sure is currently in the pandemic. It’s great to push yourself to make your dreams come true. It is different when you have to hurry to get through. “

“What do 100 million people want and need after the glove of 2020? Hope.’

In the ad, Parton’s texts have been adjusted to match the well-modernized commercial:

“Work 5 to 9 and now do something of your own,
And it feels so good to build a business with your expertise.
I’ll move on and there’s nothing you can’t do –
If you listen to that little voice inside you “

When Muse by Clio spoke to Squarespace vice president Ben Hughes, he discussed the intent behind the ad.

“Super Bowl advertising is as big as it gets, and it forces you to think broader than your usual audience. What do 100 million people want and need after the 2020 fight? Hope. Optimism. Something transporting. This ad is a modern take on a classic film musical. It’s a spectacle, but one that’s anchored by a message that everyone can relate to: you deserve to follow your dreams and be happy. “

He added, “Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of Americans feel disconnected from their jobs, which isn’t particularly good given the time we spend on work. One solution that more and more people are thinking about is entrepreneurship. But instead of treating it as an all-or-nothing deal, they think of it as something that you gradually transition into over time. “

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