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The “awakened” crowd has grave contempt for those who pursued and exemplified the American Dream. Case in point is the criticism that Dolly Parton received last weekend over a Super Bowl ad titled “9-5” – criticisms ranging from their “rich man’s game,” as NBC News claims to Newsweeks handwring about her role in a “Dystopian Reality and a Crazy Ideology.”

There is never a point where you will be satisfied.

Squarespace, an American website company, dropped serious money trying to get a megastar like Parton to inspire one of America’s largest television audiences to realize their dream of a company built on their own gifts, talents, and aspirations. The decades-old Grammy Award winning lyrics “9 to 5” were modified from the 1980 film’s soundtrack of the same name, in which three working women triumphed over their sexist boss and Parton’s character endured sexual harassment.

The upbeat melody of the ad coincided with the mood of scenes where tired workers leave their daily jobs to vigorously build their own businesses with Squarespace’s web creations. Yet the “stay awake, stay angry” crowd despises those who dare to dream of starting a business that could become a full-time arrangement in the evenings. For one thing, Newsweek’s David Sirota despised the idea that a sideline “could free us from the economic hardship of the poorly paid day job,” and argued against what he called the effort “to normalize the idea that we are actually going to death work “a virtue” and the claim that Parton’s newly framed jingle encourages “the disturbing assumptions and propaganda”.

It’s propaganda for the awakened, you see, doing what others don’t, in order to have what others don’t.

NBC’s Kim Kelly described Parton’s 20-second ditty as “the beloved icon’s toneless misstep.” In particular, Parton allegedly does bidding on oppressors by ignoring the “exploitative nature of everyday life” while showing that “sideline activities are painted as liberating, fun, and fulfilling”. Kelly explains the “horrors” of the “perfect storm of gig economy propaganda” while Parton sells himself “to promote the false virtues of overtime work”.

Good grief. Don’t expect greatness from any of these dissatisfied.

Parton grew up in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and watched her illiterate father do extra construction work to support a family that was referred to as “dirt poor”. She recalled, “When I was a little girl, I used a tobacco stick and tin can and pretended it was a microphone. I sang on my porch pretending I was on the Grand Ole Opry. ”That dream came true with her debut Opry at the unheard-of age of 13. Through hard work, she earned the right to sing her song with a few new words: “If you work between 5 and 9, you keep dreaming, dreaming, dreaming / 5 to 9 … you can do it! “

This Queen of Country Music, who won 189 music awards at the age of 74, has also donated a lot for a COVID vaccine, donated over $ 9 million to victims of the 2016 Smoky Mountains fires, and started an organization that works Spread over several years has 150 million books in support of literacy.

Perhaps we should listen to what this successful businesswoman has to say about work, rather than those who ignorantly view envy as economic policies and socialism to bring everyone into miserable equality. Dolly Parton, punished by the “experts” who demanded that she repent for her support for grit, hard work, and the pursuit of the American dream, gives the Awakened her own wisdom in her album “Backwoods Barbie”: “You better stop whining, pinning, balancing your dreams, and then just shining, designing, refining until they come true and you should be better off living. “

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