Dolly Parton is redesigning the classic ‘9 to 5’ for Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial


Dolly Parton gave her classic “9 to 5” song a new twist for Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial.

The country superstar re-recorded the track as “5 to 9” and made it an anthem for passionate projects and after-hours activities, said David Lee, Squarespace’s chief creative officer.

“After the historically bad year we had with the pandemic and economic uncertainty, more people than ever are thinking about entrepreneurship and wanting to be their own boss,” says Lee.

The goal of the custom commercial is to show how Squarespace can provide the tools that anyone can use to turn their sideline into a business.

The commercial is more of a traditional office space at a time when many professionals were working remotely and contrasts it with the other types of work possible.

“With all that is going on in the world, we wanted to try to come up with a piece that would inspire optimism instead of going down a more serious path,” says Lee. “We wanted to give people a gentle push to pursue these dreams.”

As part of the campaign, Squarespace is also launching a website for Parton’s own side business, a range of fragrances.

Last year, Squarespace ran an ad featuring Winona Ryder and created a website in a snow bank on the outskirts of Winona, Minnesota, the small Midwestern town where the actress was born.