Design thinking in marketing to boost circular economy


Marketing enhances the extent of value creation that further enables the better management of the resources in the country. The value creating processes are the indicators of agility in the marketing actions so as to get the response. Design thinking enables to understand the complexity in the consumer behavior.

The innovative thinking for the better solutions and use of recycled products for the development of new products lead to the circular economy. The companies are taking measures to reduce the carbon footprints in their process of production. The marketing of such processes will further strengthen the branding and boost the circular economy.

The processes are significant in the products and their reengineering with design thinking can lead to circulation of products in the economy in efficient manner. The climate change and biodiversity loss can be reduced by incorporating the product development and product management with the least waste.

The sustainable practices followed by the companies in their product management will positively enhance the circular economy. The nature of such economy ensures the reuse, reduce and recycle the products and the marketing of such products will lead to sustainability. The global marketing with design thinking can certainly boost the circular economy.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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