ddm marketing + communications publishes white papers to improve the engagement and satisfaction of doctors


GRAND RAPIDS, me., March 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Doctor burnout is on the rise. Across the country, the ability to practice medicine and care for patients is increasingly being hampered by ongoing government regulations and administrative requirements.

As doctor burnout increases, patient care and patient volume are negatively impacted, which in turn affects sales, reputation, and experience. A consistent strategy for engaging and communicating with doctors helps to reduce burnout and dissatisfaction within a company and to increase the emotional connection between a health system / medical group and its providers.

ddm marketing + Communications recently produced an informative industry whitepaper on the importance of improving the engagement and satisfaction of doctors.

This marketing resource provides an industry-wide perspective of the goals, challenges, tactics, and measurements required to successfully improve clinician engagement in a clinical setting.

“True engagement welcomes and involves clinicians in developing a shared vision for an organization that will enable them to become real partners in solving challenges and celebrating successes,” he said John Gonda, senior healthcare strategist. “Effective communication programs prepare physicians to be more engaged and better prepared, which is a must in today’s competitive marketplace.”

The white paper is available free of charge to all members of the medical, hospital and healthcare industries. Please visit teamddm.com for additional valuable information and resources, or to download this marketing resource directly.

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Ddm was founded in 1990 and offers companies in highly complex and highly regulated industries a comprehensive range of communication, marketing and technology services. Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michiganddm serves a diverse national and international customer base, ranging from health and financial services to medical products and global manufacturing. With almost 50 team members, ddm is proud of its tireless commitment to the persistent care of its customers. Visit teamddm.com for more information

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