Cyberpunk 2077: Every legendary pistol in the game


The guns in Cyberpunk 2077 are nothing to make fun of. They might not be as noticeable as your average assault rifle, but they do the job right and they do it well. Many of the pistols in the game are incredibly powerful enough to take down even the toughest of opponents.

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When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, pistols should be V’s weapon of choice. There are a ton of pistols in this game, but the most rewarding ones are considered cult. These guns really make Night City an easier place to be, especially during the various main and side quests that players will have to complete in this game.

12 Appearance

The appearance takes care of its user

The Apparition is a modified version of the Jens-X2 Kenshin pistol. It is apparently a popular choice among Arasaka agents, and rightly so. The weapon monitors the user’s vital signs. Once the user’s health is low, the weapon increases its critical chance, rate of fire, reload speed, and damage. The weapon also has a charged firing ability that deals twice as much damage.

The apparition can be acquired during the part-time job “War Pigs”. It is available to individuals with a corpo life path.

11 archangel

Cyberpunk Archangel is definitely not an angel of mercy

Archangel is an iconic power weapon. Like all power weapons, the gun’s bullets can ricochet off surfaces. The Archangel offers less recoil and increases electrical damage, critical damage, shock probability and the multiplier for headshot damage.

The weapon will be given to the players by Kerry after the end of the side quest “A Like Supreme”.

10 chaos

Cyberpunk 2077 Chaos Tech Pistol Royce

The Chaos Cult Pistol is another modified version of the JKE-X2 Kenshin pistol. While powerful, the effects of this weapon are not particularly reliable, although they are unique. The gun’s perks and status effects are applied randomly each time the user reloads. The effects included are critical chance, chemical damage, poison chance and headshot damage multiplier. The weapon also has a loaded firing ability.

The chaos can be obtained during the mission “The Pickup”. It can be looted by Royce.

9 Dying night

Dying night

The Dying Night pistol is the modified version of the M-10AF Lexington pistol. This legendary pistol increases headshot damage by 50% and significantly reduces reload time. The gun’s bullets also ricochet off surfaces, allowing more enemies to be hit.

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The Dying Night pistol can be claimed as a reward for completing the side appearance “The Gun” which requires the player to pick up a weapon from the 2nd Amendment shop.

8th Genjiroh

The Genjiroh is like a pocket lightning bolt

The legendary Genjiroh pistol is the modified version of the HJKE-11 Yukimura. This weapon increases the user’s round by four per shot. It increases magazine size and projectile speed, and allows users to use its intelligent features to achieve up to six targets at once. Additional benefits include additional critical damage, electrical damage, shock damage, and headshot damage multiplier.

The weapon can be found during the “Play it Safe” mission. It’s behind a closed door before it reaches the second sniper. A code is required to open the door (2906). Anyone who has a technical ability of 11 can open the door automatically.

7th Congo

An early weapon that becomes even more deadly with upgrades

The legendary Kongou pistol is a power weapon. This weapon allows players to ricochet their bullets off surfaces whether or not they have the required cyberware upgrade. The weapon also has decreased recoil and an increased rate of fire. It has a smaller magazine size compared to other weapons.

The Kongou is located in Yorinobu’s penthouse during the main mission “The Heist”. It’s on Yorinobu’s bedside table, indicating that the gun is his.

6 La Chingona Dorada

Jackie's favorite weapon

La Chingona Dorada is a modified version of the Nue pistol. This gun used to belong to Jackie. The design of the pistol is apparently inspired by a mixture of Japanese technology and the style of the Valentino gang. The weapon has the ability to ricochet bullets off surfaces. It reduces the reload time and offers an additional mod slot. In addition, it gives the user a higher chance of applying anesthesia and burning.

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La Chingona Dorada can be purchased after completing the Heroes side quest. The weapon is on the offering table.

5 Lizzie

Cyberpunks Lizzie may look like a toy, but is deadly in the right hands

Lizzie is a legendary tech pistol and a modified version of the Omaha pistol. According to the game’s official description, “the gun looks like a toy, but it sure doesn’t shoot like one.” No, it definitely doesn’t.

Lizzie fires four projectiles per shot, dealing additional damage. However, when the gun is fully charged, five shots will be fired instead. It has 10 rounds per magazine. The gun is in the basement of Lizzie’s bar.

4th Malorian weapons 3516

Cyberpunk 2077 Malorian Arms 3516 Equipped on V.

Malorian Arms 3516 is an iconic power weapon. Although the Malorian Arms 3516 is officially listed as such, it can also be classified as a technical weapon. The bullets, like other technical weapons, penetrate walls when aimed at the sight. The weapon has high thermal damage and a headshot damage multiplier.

The Malorian Arms 3516 used to belong to none other than Johnny Silverhand. It can be obtained during the part-time job “Chippin ‘In”.

3 Plan B

Cyberpunk 2077 Plan B in the equipment menu

Plan B is an iconic power weapon and a modified version of the Liberty pistol. The weapon’s power capabilities allow it to ricochet its bullets off surfaces. It also increases physical damage, critical chance, chance of bleeding, and headshot damage. The weapon is a pretty powerful weapon, but it has one very serious disadvantage: each shot costs its user one euro.

Plan B used to belong to Dexter DeShawn and can be looted from his corpse in the junkyard after the mission “Playing for Time”.

2 Proud

Cyberpunks Iconic Pride Pistol

The legendary Pride power weapon is a modified version of the Liberty pistol. It increases the user’s physical damage, critical chance, bleeding damage and headshot damage. The gun’s bullets can also ricochet off surfaces with additional damage. In addition, the weapon offers an easy chance to stun.

Pride can be earned during one of the final missions in the game “Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door”.

1 Skippy

Cyberpunk 2077 Handgun XP glitch

An iconic smart weapon, Skippy is by far the most interesting weapon in the game as it actually speaks to its user. This is due to the weapon’s artificial intelligence. Skippy often comments on V’s actions and sometimes alone.

Skippy scales to the level of the player. The more powerful the player, the more powerful the weapon becomes. It can be acquired during the part-time job “machine gun”.

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