Corvallis’ market of choice for anti-maskers


Here are two videos fRome the market of choice in Corvallis:

The woman in the video and her anti-mask friends go into Oregon stores harassing workers when breathing on people who are just trying to get their job done. Basic workers now at higher risk of catching COVID because of being with exposed strangers. The original uploads of these videos recorded in the Market of Choice were removed from the YouTube platform for violating the YouTube Terms of Service.

You have a Youtube channel where they upload this interactions. In the latest version, they harass workers in a Springfield grocery store.

This is not just the case in Oregon, as people across the country have claimed they couldn’t be forced to wear masks. A woman in Dallas, Texas, had a tantrum and what looks like multiple evening dinner in a store. A man in California – the US COVID hotspot – described a shop worker as a racial slur on the matter.

Mask mandates

From December 2020Most states require people to wear masks in public to protect themselves and others from them COVID. In a county-to-county study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Kansas after a mask mandate, the 24 counties that required masks saw decreases in coronavirus cases while the 81 counties did not Order recorded an increase.

But is it legal for a company to have to wear a mask? Yes. It is.

Devin Stone is a DC litigation attorney at A side appearance that puts him in front of a YouTube camera that offers legal expertise. And apparently “everything you dislike doesn’t violate your constitutional rights.”

The Tenth amendment reads: “The powers neither delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the United States are reserved for the respective states or the people.” This means that the federal government does not have unrestricted rights. In a pandemic, states have the right to protect the population from harm.

According to Stone on Status‘s The right to ban smoking in public places is a good analogy to the mask mandate. Those who challenged the smoking ban claimed:: “1. Smoking is a personal freedom protected by the due process clause and 2. The equal protection clause offers smokers as a group special protection. “

Due process means that the government must allow a person to go through due process of the law before depriving them of their life, liberty or property. Equal protection refers to denying the protection of government laws to anyone in the jurisdiction of a state.

The courts denied these allegations based on a basic rational test. In this case, the rational basis for these laws was to allow the government to achieve a reasonable goal. The goal? T.o Reduce the number of people who die from cigarette smoke – especially from passive smoke.

Cigarettes are not COVID

Cigarette smoke is not a vicious virus that can be caught without warning.

However, the mask mandates seem to be geared towards the same idea. The rational idea that our governing bodies want people in America not to get COVID, not to flood our hospitals beyond their ability to care for patients, not make others sick, and keep people alive.

So, What if people complain? Sue a company probably wouldn’t get a person anywhere as the companies in the videos above are following state laws. Market of Choice does what Governor Brown says.

To see what else Stone has to say about the mask mandates, see his video on Youtube.

The attorney strongly supports the wearing of masks in public places, social distancing and survival.

We contacted brandt of choice about this incident. They did not reply before going to press.

By Sally K Lehman